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  1. l00k

    Half-Life 2 vs. Doom 3

    hmm new screenies for HL2, this will add to the flame : http://www.newtechnix.com/Affichage_Article.php3?Id_Article=10018 I think there scans, it could be hard to tell from these screenies, but still, they look fantastic.
  2. l00k

    postal 2

    How did that guy get a third person view? Does it switch to third person when you hit the suicide button?
  3. l00k

    postal 2

    Yes i just got the game a few days ago, its absolutley HILARIOUS. I imagine it will get banned upon released. Some key features: -You can piss on people -The objective is to live throughout the week, doing things such as buy milk and return a library book -Objectives can be dealt through violence or in a civil matter, both are equally amusing -Other tidbits that add up to an enjoyable waist of time, such as kicking bodies into a big pile and creating a big ass bon fire out of it.
  4. Hmm this is totally fucked up, people who actually want to bring back the old cheat code "idspispopd" for doom 3. http://idspispopd.com/ This is an example of Doom fans going to far
  5. I'll probably never find this song but here goes... Descriptions : - it was by a female singer - it had a dark mood to it, and slow paced - it had a similar rythm to map16-suburbs (the panio part) as its chorus for a few seconds. - im pretty sure it was on a the sound track for a movie. At first i thought it was the dark city soundtrack, i went and checked, none of them matched. - it was played on the radio - i heard it in the time period of 1998 to 1996 (Im damn sure it was before the Matrix) Hope this song rings a bell to anyone...
  6. l00k

    Fav 3rd perosn action game.

    Third Person games i have played so far: Max Payne - Good game, love it. Splinter Cell - Another game , the movement of the character animation is great, but the game is too linear at times. Hitman 1 - 2 : The original hitman was kinda bad, no save option and linear to the extreme. Hitman 2 did a lot better.
  7. l00k

    Some funny videos

    Oh, and the reason why there were so many guys being blasted was because the level *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* started off with basicly a huge battle with marines, if any of them live then they follow you and hop in the jeep *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER* *SPOILER*
  8. l00k

    Some funny videos

    Hmm, im not sure, maybe he had an x-box dev kit, which allowed him to basiclly use console commands to spawn enemies and stuff. I think thats the fourth level (the level after Truth and Reconciliation).I did play co-op on that fourth level with a friend. To do what he did, we took turns killing each other, everytime we died we dropped some grenades , eventually the grenades piled up to such a large amount capable of blasting the jeep into the sky. We repeated the proccess through loading the last check point.
  9. l00k

    Some funny videos

    http://www.cybrfrk.com/xbox/others/halo_Warthog_Jump-rglass.wmv here is a mirror for the halo jeep jump.
  10. l00k

    Some funny videos

    OK im bored so i decided to share some funny videos from games, you may have seen them before but whatever, these are timeless classics. Feel free to add to the list. First one.. Halo Physics Experiment (requires quick time) http://www2.mythica.org/halo/halo_warthog_jump_high.mov Basically its a game "demostrating" the physics of a jeep being tossed in the air by explosions , really funny. The author did an excellent job on editing and the music added in. 2nd one.. Battle Field 1942 http://www.orosian.demon.co.uk/bf1942_weenie.wmv Another funny one. Basiclly its a bunch of people fucking around and having fun, crashing into each other etc... However, the music used in this may offend you =) These other videos require quake 1 to watch , im not gonna post all of them , there are way to many. You can find em right here http://www.planetquake.com/cineplex/ Some funny videos that stand out from the list : - Blahbalicious - Fiend Run Lite , this one is hilarous, its basiclly a quake speed run excpet the player is replaced with a fiend model with the quake guy riding on the back of the fiend ..hmm thats all for now feel free to add to the list.
  11. could you possibly give me a link to all the top 100 from the past 2 years? (or the link to the post you made last year).
  12. l00k

    Your special movie...

    -Aliens 1 and 2 (havn't seen 3 or resurection, heard resurection sucked) -Predator 1 (pred 2 was teh ass) Anime Movie(when i was young) : Transformers . Listening to the sound track gives me some old memories. Unfortunalty i dont watch a whole lot of movies.
  13. l00k

    Cooridor 7

    Anyone remember this game? I had the shareware on my 486 back in like 1995. The game was pretty much a doom wannabe. When I looked through the readme I came across the sentence "this game is better then doom". The game is nowhere on the level of doom, it had a wolfenstien-like engine with walls joined in at 90 degrees and a constant ceiling and floor height. Another thing i found amusing was that the game took place on mars and the story involved gateways, a classic doom rip-off. Although the graphics engine is nowhere equivilant to doom the scare factor definatly was. The level I played in the shareware was very atmosphereic, the rooms were dark, some places were infested with alien textures. The enemies had descent animations, unfortunatly i cant say the same for the sound since it required a sound card, my 486 didnt have one. Another intresting concept was that each level had a boss, i am assuming that each level contains different bosses. They are usually located deep within the level inside a heavily gaurded infested room. The weapons in the shareware looked nice, a nice innovative weapon for its time were mines, which you can place on the ground. I also belive the game contained co-op. One last point: in the shareware there was a monster that i could not kill , it appeared at random times for a few seconds, and when it did appear it would scare the fuckin shit out of me because it would teleport right IN YOUR DAMN FACE, and in less then a second it would disapear. So what does the inhabitants of doomworld think of this game?
  14. l00k

    Mysticism + Doom 3 = ?

    I have to agree with Xzyl on this one. If id was able to create enemies that were a mix of hellspawn or semi-alien it would create a greater variety of monsters. Put it this way, if the game was 100% pure hell spawn all we would constantly see is horned/winged monsters which would look pretty plane . If instead they populated the levels with 100% pure alien (with biotechy stuff) it would also look rather plane. Why not mix the two? The result is a greater diversity of enemies, which is really what doom is all about isnt it? EXAMPLE : why are some monsters such as the mancubas, spider master mind or the cyber demon in DOOM when they dont even look like a goddamn demon?
  15. l00k


    Hello, can someone please give me a link to the doom 3 editing forum i cant seem to find it.