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  1. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 2

    Alas didn't got to do anything due to being sick.. Oh well, maybe next time!
  2. Scionox

    Question on MAP01

    Could also be that it's a flat level author wanted to use for outdoor areas before current one was made/decided.
  3. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 2

    I might try this again. Gun 3 Slot 6.
  4. Scionox

    oremoR nohJ, em llik tsum uoy, emag eht niw ot

    "In my light of english, you will burn."
  5. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    Last few weeks were pretty busy for me, so, sorry couldn't get back on tune-up part... Still, yay for the release!
  6. While i don't dislike realistic maps, most of my favorite wads embraced the abstract/surreal design, especially Darsycho's wads. So, abstract all the way for me!
  7. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    Uhhh, i guess its too late to do tune-up on my entry? Oh well. The map having a "pleasing view" on a random marine who is probably terrified, sums it up. If you are going to make custom level name GFX patches, "Terror" flipped upside down for mine, otherwise "Yrttpt" is fine. Untested, but my map should be fully completable in coop. For anyone who played the map, would current difficulty be more of HMP or UV? No textures, haven't had time for that with less than 3 hour limit.. But the MIDI i used if i recall correctly can be found in Skulltag_data.pk3 and called D_VOID.
  8. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/46909856/Yrttpt.wad Made in literally like 3 hours. Enjoy!(Difficulty settings aren't implemented, and well, visuals might need ALOT of work considering the limit i had to work with)
  9. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    Well, good news i've started on my map, bad news i've only started on it right now because been getting sidetracked entire week by various things(sorry!). So if i manage to finish in time, it will be very speedmap. But i hope you like being watched:
  10. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    Something that haven't been mentioned yet, but, is custom music allowed?
  11. Scionox

    [Released] Doomworld Roulette: Session 1

    I am not the most active on the forums, but i was looking for excuse to try non-ZDoom mapping. So i'll take the 6.
  12. Scionox


    Really liking your crazy/non-standard wad themes! 5/5
  13. Scionox

    Serpent: Resurrection

    Best Hexen megawad i've played so far, though final boss could have used some more bossy theme. 5/5
  14. Scionox

    UAC Military Nightmare 2

    While not a fan of the theme itself, its one of jokewads i had most fun with in a while, both gameplay and some jokes(albeit the arena was a bit too much, though also my fault for not buying enough items...), and the secret weapon is glorious. 5/5