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  1. Thank you, there's always room for more source ports! I had a feeling that Zandronum with Doomseeker was giving me false impressions. Glad there are people playing more than just megaman, considering I started playing Doom again after all these years to play Doom lol.
  2. I know right! I was actually sad looking at all the DM maps that were made over the years... Nobody plays DM on doomseeker, so the maps are almost "gone to waste", playing bots just isn't that fun...but not anymore! And invasion itself doesn't seem to have a lot of maps. It would actually be nice to see Invasion Simulator built into some sourceports as it's own mode, with more options/variables.
  3. Thank you Turbo Saber! This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. It's actually what I thought invasion would be when I first tried Zandronum, then found out it needs special maps.
  4. Fractal Doom is a completely different concept. It seems like a pretty simple concept to me, generate a monster list based on a difficulty curve, then have them spawn in maps that weren't intended. No special spawn points would be needed. Literally exactly how invasion works on UT2004. I know it would break the flow of the map, that isn't the point. I guess since nobody is really giving any answers that maybe such a thing just isn't possible? bioshockfan, I realize I could edit maps to fit other gametypes. The whole point of this thread is asking if something like this exists where you don't have to modify the maps, because it is some kind of script using the location info of player spawns, and using it to put monster spawns. Edit: It appears somebody has made a similar mod, but only to play invasion on coop maps, not dm maps, and the link is dead. Edit2: I've never actually successfully programed anything, but it looks like SpawnSpot in ZScript could be useful for creating something like this. Heres how it could work. 1. Map is loaded, script reads map number. Chooses number of monsters, and monster types appropriate for that map number based on difficulty selected. 2. Player(s) spawn in map. Ten second counter appears. 3. Timer runs out, monsters start spawning in waves on player starts using SpawnSpot in sequence determined by script. 4. All monsters have spawned, and been killed. 5. Level ends, or if exit is present, changes from killing the player, to moving to the next map. Could have an option to force the first behaviour.
  5. I think so? To clarify, I'm asking if there is a gametype/mod, that allows monsters to spawn in maps intended for deathmatch (without monster spawns placed by the mapper), by utilizing the things already placed on the maps to generate the monster spawn locations. For example: I load in one of the 32in24 DM wads using this hypothetical mod, set flag -deathcoop. Start the game, choose my difficulty, which effects the game just as it would in a singleplayer/coop wad. Map01, HMP:45 monsters, UV:60. Those are the amounts of monsters that spawn. Map02, HMP:80 monsters, UV 120. etc. Kill all monsters, then use the exit. If no exit, level ends when all the monsters are dead. The types of monsters that spawn could follow the monster introduction/monster amounts of the doom episodes, and doom. Other mods with random monster variation spawns could then sort of piggy back off that, allowing for even more replay.
  6. I've done some searching and haven't really been able to find if this is possible. Is there a mod or a sourceport that allows a poor mans invasion game type, where monsters can spawn on maps made for deathmatch? If not I think that could be pretty cool, and would add extra replay to the billions of existing doom maps. The monsters could progress in strength/numbers as the map numbers increase. They could spawn on weapon spawns, perhaps corresponding to monster type. They could also spawn on far player spawns. Any thoughts?
  7. Excellent! How would I use this with Foobar2000?
  8. Map 11 has no deathmatch starts!
  9. Could I have a crack at MAP02?
  10. It was 1995 or 1996, my friend told me about this videogame with different guns, and you had to collect keys. You would kill "pigallos" and some of them would be invisible. We would play "doom" in the schoolyard, and shoot the pigallos, which were all the invisible type. A year or two later I moved houses, and lived a few houses away from this friend. I finally got to play the real Doom in it's glory on his PC, which was amazing to me (we only had a sega genesis at this point, no PC until 1998.)
  11. Alright, I'll go ahead and polish the tracks I've already one over the next couple weeks, then submit here. If you think there is a better thread to discuss Freedoom music (I see two other music threads on page 1) let me know. BTW just thought I'd compliment the badassness of map21's music in Freedoom 2.
  12. Hi all, sorry for the necrobump/double post combo. I would like to apologize for sort of disappearing. I didn't forget about this project, I just had some stuff going on in life. I'd love to resume my work, I just need to know... How far along has the music come since I was last here? I went through the two main wads, and it seems there are still duplicates? Is there a new list that I can reference?
  13. Please don't use what I have already sent those are unfinished, I am doing a batch of six songs to start including those I have showed to give an idea what my style is. Of course I am taking longer than I originally anticipated but as soon as all six are done I will upload them and post them here for use in Freedoom. I will PM you my details.
  14. I plan on posting everything right here when I have final versions done. Just be sure that you agree to the freedooms bsd license and that everything you're submitting is 100% original.
  15. Alright, I should have about that many done by late March the latest at the rate I'm going!