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  1. DoomMarine82

    Quake/Doom - A Fan Movie

    I love this movie. I remember days when I was waiting for new part of it. All battles are epic. Ranger vs Grunt - one of my favorite.
  2. DoomMarine82

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Fresnel attack with full agressive!
  3. DoomMarine82

    DOOM E1M1 on UE4

    Have you seen this? https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?101337-DOOM-E1M1-recreate
  4. "Birdman" from Doom 3 alpha.
  5. DoomMarine82

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Immortal E1M1 - comptile texture fun with paralax :D
  6. DoomMarine82

    Stuff I noticed in the Multiplayer Trailer

    @up -whoa that's nice I was thinking I'm mad cause every time I watch this moment I hear alice in chain them bones and thinking about Barrels of fun :D
  7. DoomMarine82

    Doom remake for idtech4

    How do you like blood decal with cube map? Btw I'm out of project now cause Reinchard decided to make everything by himself, but how do you like cube map on floor texture? Unfortunately texture looks like a gel on vertical look: I was thinking about smth like in new DOOM 4 where everywhere are env light or cube map post process effects (like in rage, but better) they are dummy reflect lights and other stuff on map. It looks very cool. Many surfaces looks like wet and reflect only lights, like by the jump pads. I can not put screen cause all D4 alpha is under restricted, but I remember it very well :) Code looks like this: textures/DOOMHD/floor4_8hd { qer_editorimage textures/DOOMHD/floor4_8hd bumpmap textures/DOOMHD/floor4_8hd_local diffusemap textures/DOOMHD/floor4_8hd specularmap textures/DOOMHD/floor4_8hd_s { blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one maskalpha cubeMap env/gen1 texgen reflect } }
  8. DoomMarine82

    Doom II - Hellscape :: BETA TESTERS WANTED

    Great atmospheric shoots! I like your design style very much. Always if someone make redesign use tons of slopes and other zdoom stuff. Your map have any new bad textures from for example hexen, heretic and others that not accurate to original DOOM style. Your map have great lighting, structure and atmospere! Is possible to play of some map for now?
  9. DoomMarine82

    DOOM HD Project

    @Gustavo6046 models are pretty cool, and designer keep their original form with fantastic detail. It is s13n1's form of art and I salute to it. He likes what he do and this is most important thing cause this makes a fun. I always say - don't you like something, do it better :)
  10. DoomMarine82

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Next room (not finished) on my map :)
  11. DoomMarine82

    Doom remake for idtech4

    Here come new techpillars and computer room with comptile.
  12. DoomMarine82

    DOOM HD Project

    @Tormentor667 - exactly! @Jaxxoon R - oh these models don't look cartoony, they look hiper detailed version of original DOOM. If someone doesn't like this style, his problem, it's DOOM and I love it.
  13. DoomMarine82

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    @antares031 I love these tech pillars, your combaine metal grey with DOOM blue, green and cynamon orange on last pic. Are these map finished, could I play it? I remember times (some about 20 years ago) when with friend we build dark map only with big columns, width to good hide before cyberdemon, and we put there tons of weapons and 10 cyberdemons :D From the top it was looking like chess board, that was fun :D @termrork I've never play Resident Evil 2 (only 1 and for few minutes :( ) and main inspiritation was of course QUAKE 3 @Captain Toenail - for now I build a map, then sounds :)
  14. DoomMarine82

    Who's playing DOOM 3 through right now?

    Today just for fun I played 4 levels in DOOM 3 (also 5 first levels in QUAKE 4). And almost everyday I scratch something in editor :)
  15. DoomMarine82

    In Defense of Doom 3

    Oh no, it's my variation :)