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Status Updates posted by ‹rd›

  1. pJT25m3.png


    In the off chance that anyone (especially a new mapper) sees this review and my status update, the implication here is silly and harmful. Smaller mapsets, and standalone maps, are 'complete wads' too, and 17-map megawads are perfectly fine. 

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    2. GarrettChan


      I wonder what WAD is that... This has a lot of similarities from user reviews for games, like those on Steam or whatever. There are always a few percents of people who like to do this.

    3. Gothic


      This is such a stupid mentality, a wad should have whatever quantity of maps the author wants. It isn't mandatory to have a 9-map episode or a 32-map megawad.

    4. Grain of Salt

      Grain of Salt




  2. What are some of your favorite small and mid-sized maps? 


    Or the coolest, most impressive, most fun, most creative, etc., whatever direction you want to go.


    Standalone map, part of a megawad, anything in between, doesn't matter. 

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    2. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Italo Doom map 01


      Frog 07


      RJ_SLAB 01, 02, 06, 10, 14 and probably a few others


      RJSpace9f map 01 (can be finished in 10-ish minutes without hard tricks, assuming you don't max, so it counts!)


      NG2 10, 11, 12


      DV2 Hell's vendetta


      There are probably many more maps that in the 10 minutes or less "sphere" that I really like, like some stuff in flotsam, or magnolia map 02.

    3. GarrettChan


      For small maps, 50mon Map21. I don't know why whenever there's a map where blue sections and red sections merged together, I will find it very attractive (eh... this word sounds wrong) to me.


      For other type of maps, I actually like Map19, 20 and 27 a lot in TNT2, especially 20. Hopefully they'll release it soon... I don't precisely understand why. I just found these maps in this set are quite unique and I couldn't find similar ones on top of my head.


      @Nine Inch HeelsI read your comment after putting down the comment. This somehow motivated me to play NGMT2 (unless NG doesn't mean that, but you seem to like that set, so I assume it is :P). I did play it on 2016 when I started speedrunning, it was too hard for me. Now it seems it perfectly fits me to play.

    4. AD_79


      I'm a bit late to this, but BTSX E2M09, E2M17, E2M21 and E2M24 are fantastic little maps. They're over in a few minutes and employ interesting concepts, and are cleverly utilized in the project's pacing both as breathers and as serious gameplay switch-ups between bigger, more ambitious odysseys. E2M21 deserves special mention, despite me frequently forgetting to mention it in the past. It's a panic-inducing little number that tosses teleporting cyberdemons into the player's face, along with some other fun Plutonia-esque situations, and it's sandwiched between two of the longer journeys found in the set. What this does for pacing is phenomenal in my eyes, and I firmly believe many other projects should take notes from E2's approach.

  3. Today is like the fourth time I've linked https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1667212 somewhere for someone wondering about how to balance difficulty settings. I really appreciate your posts. 

    1. Alfonzo


      Thank you rd. This means a lot.


      I haven't been able to play and explore the game as much these days so analysis is thin on the ground. Hopefully that will change soon!

  4. A trio of speedmaps each made in roughly five minutes, mostly as an experiment. Boom compat.




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    2. NoisyVelvet
    3. BluePineapple72


      I just downloaded this, I'll play it later tonight!


    4. BluePineapple72


      Very fun stuff! I liked them a lot! Being able to come up with these ideas and create them in 5 minutes is impressive stuff. I hate to conform, but I agree with others that Map 02 was the best of the bunch.

  5. lol nice avatar. 

    1. Fonze


      Heh; explanation below:





    2. Fonze


      Also I need to resize this gif; the program x3'd its resolution unnecessarily and DW's avatar uploader has me cutting off a piece of either the left or right side to I guess make him a square? Idk I thought he was a square in the first place when I made the homerfish gif out of the default homerfish avatar and I don't remember the tail or donut being cut off before.

  6. By request, nuts.wad with Doomkid's mod 'Floaters' (which gives all monsters the power of flight). Just a casual playthrough.



    The big horde of cybers is now airborne and will block the entrance to the second area after they wake up.

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    2. Doomkid


      What wad are you using for that snazzy invuln effect?

    3. ‹rd›


      That is nuts.wad itself, surprisingly.

    4. Mayomancer


      The apex of 24 years of community mod development.

  7. One-hour speedmap to shake off some rust. Pretty happy with the way this turned out. Complevel 9, has HMP and UV.





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    2. galileo31dos01


      Umm, sure why not... beat it on HMP after several tries. Not going to deny that the revenants made me grr all the time, not enjoying my time as I should have, but the map is pretty good. Also saw a bit of UV, not sure how I would feel with an extra archie at the end but, I'll see. 



      I found all the secrets, though the first time I used an archie to get the BFG, and found the switch later. With the megasphere, personal tastes with archie-jump secrets aside, helps a lot. 


      I may also record on both skills, later.

    3. tourniquet
    4. galileo31dos01


      toronja is HMP, chorizo is UV, these turned out different from previous runs. The additional archvile was indeed, more violent. Excuse my non-professionalism.


  8. Some unfinished midis of mine from recent times. 



    Audio skips a couple of times and a later track has two Doomworld alerts in it (lol), but not a big deal. Enjoy. 

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    2. UglyStru


      What software do you use, mate? 

    3. Cell


      It was worth sticking my earbuds in.

      I wish my MIDI composing talents came close to this.

    4. scifista42



      and a later track has two Doomworld alerts in it (lol),

      I hope your next track will have only Doomworld alerts in it.

  9. A speedmap, started at about the time I posted this one. Might as well not let this one languish. -complevel 9, has difficulty settings.





  10. A few months ago I was playing around with some modifications to the Doom arsenal, mostly faster weapons. My dehacked file turned out to be based on the one in Scythe 2, which I overlooked, and I loaded up map32 to test my 4x speed chaingun against a cyberdemon, because it's the Doom II map with the simplest access to the cyber. Or so I thought. If you know which monsters Scythe 2 replaces and which monsters Doom 2 map32 has, you'll know what I was greeted by, much to my surprise. My screen was full red before I could even finish thinking 'wtf'.


    Today I remembered that and decided on a whim to do a casual max of map32 facing the Scythe 2 monsters. Was pretty fun.



    1. galileo31dos01


      Before watching it, or afrits or evil marines, or both, one of them replaced keens and the other the SS Nazis if I recall correctly. Ok now I'm going to press Play.


      *after watching*


      Oh ok, now I remember why I liked afrits and hated the other guys.

  11. Yesterday I accidentally clicked a Mediafire link while trying to download a wad, which froze my browser and led to many minutes of annoyance. My history during that stretch looks like this for about 25 full pages. I run the usual adblockers but that didn't help. 


    I said 'accidentally' because it's possible to right click -> save file as and avoid this. But I should have to worry about that from well-reputed poster in the first place, and no one should have to deal with this at all.


    Dropbox is a far better general hosting site. You can even provide neat and tidy direct links by changing the 'dl=0' at the end of an url to 'dl=1'.


    PSA: Please stop using Mediafire.

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    2. Dragonfly



       a degree of artistic refinement

      Hah. If 90's angelfire / MS Frontpage is refined I'll quit my web design role(s) now. :D

    3. Fonze


      ^ I was just referring to its services, not its minimalist, high-brow appearance... buuut better start typing that resume now I guess... ;p

    4. Pinchy


      I didn't know that mediafire was loading an extra ad page on downloads until I had about 2 years worth of Doom content on it.


      After I release what I'm currently working on, I'm going to migrate it all to Google Drive. I have everything local anyway.

  12. Some horrible Doom pickup lines. 


    You must be an archvile because you really light a fire in me.

    Damn baby, you're thiccer than a closet full of cyberdemons! 

    I don't have a chainsaw but I think I found my meat!!!!!! 

    I'll be your former human trooper, want to see my pea shooter? 

    Babe are you flagged secret, because I've been looking for you all my life!

    Is your name Eternal Doom, because I could get lost in you forever. 

    You must be a Ribbiks map, because damn you are tight. 

    Did you just spam your BFG? Because I can feel you tracing the outline of my heart.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, like a mastermind on an imp, I'm stuck on you. 

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    2. Fonze


      <3 cheesy pickup lines


      Doom pickup line failures:


      Girl you must be the thiccest cyberdemon I've ever seen; I could hear you stomping all through this club.

      You got the body of an arch-vile and the voice of a cyber.

      Wanna get as high as two lost souls fighting?

      You look so good; I hope I don't prematurely GAD!

      When I fire my missiles I always back it up.

      Hitscans are more avoidable than that juicy butt.

      What cyberdemon shot those two chest rockets?

      If I'm a revenant, my missile is homing right at you.

      My blast has more knockback than an arch-vile; wanna see?

      I think I could FDA that.

      You must be a pain elemental because I see a new lost soul in you every day.

      You got a boyfriend? That's okay baby, I'm like a lost soul; I don't count.


      And let's get some love for the guys too since it's absent here:


      I bet a date between us would be like a match on shoot.wad.

      Hey, you wanna hear what it sounds like when Duke3D and Doomguy press walls simultaneously?

      I'll take that hot stream of plasma any day...

      Better grab the lube, cause I'm gonna rip and tear.

      You make me wish I could dual-wield.

      Wanna play a game of survival? Winner cleans up.

      You remember that gif of the Doomguy club? I know a place like it, wanna go?

      I bet you're faster than a speeding lost soul.

      Wanna see who can reload their SSG faster?

      Look bud, you leave now and you forfeit deez nuts.

      Hey, wanna start an FFA?

      Wanna see if we can beat David Carradine's record for a death exit? You do me then I'll do you.


      I'm mildly sorry for this one:

      Let's beat it-- this is turning into a cumbath!

    3. Marn


      You must be an imp because here comes my dick.

    4. GarrettChan


      Oh god, I like the Eternal Doom one so much.

  13. Japanese dwarf flying squirrels are pretty awesome animals. They are also expressive. Here's them doing some Doom stuff. 









    Facing an instapop cyber.








    Fighting with the SSG 




    Survival Coop




    Watching some infighting




    "And then I said, I didn't even have to use the invul!" 




    1. rehelekretep


      the 'instapop' cyber one needs to become an avatar

    2. NinjaLiquidator


      and the "gliding" one needs to become a texture and blink with eyes :D

  14. Fun fact: if you double-click an image while typing up a post, you can resize it and also have it link to things (convenient for thumbnails, for example, since you don't also need to make a small version of the image). Just noticed this recently.




    /informative status that will make up for my next vapid one

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      That's interesting to know, actually.


      /uninformative comment to show appreciation

    2. Xyzzy01


      Oh, are we doing this again?

    3. BigDickBzzrak


      Also another thing I've read on ZDoom forums:

      if you add a s/m/l at the end of an Imgur link, your image will get resized, like "JKq7TTvm.png".

      Very useful for us with limited bandwidth.

  15. Pborq7p.gif


    "Come on, just one picture!" 

  16. Some demo footage of Nine Inch Heels as a newbie playing a slaughtermap:



    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Yeah... That's what it used to be like... Truth be told, it happens these days as well at times, mostly when I'm not in the right kind of mood.


      This is adorable though. <3

    2. Fonze


      Must've been playing antares039's pbtime, hehe.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      This is adorable! I like how at the end the kitten is just like "Okay, whatever... you imps can have me now."



  17. I'd like to write a short midi tonight. I've tried a bunch of times this month but lost interest after 4-8 bars each time. So for 'public accountability' let's make the stakes very high: if I don't post one today, I am officially a poopyhead

    1. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      You can do it!



    2. ‹rd›


      Done :) 



    3. Fonze


      I think the triplets would be best confined to a particular part or parts rather than thrown in to round off the end of a 4-measure segment, but other than that I enjoyed this midi! Would be cool for an Eden part 2 :)

  18. Oh he was born ... in a well

    The demons split ... when he comes around

    Because they know ... he'll give them hell

    With the BFG ... that he found


    In a secret ... everyone else missed

    With his secret ... finding gift

    That cyber ... sure is pissed

    Got two-shot, now it's stuck on a lift


    Oh demon .. . of the well

    Not just your ordinary pinky

    He conquers every corner of hell

    With weapons both grand and dinky

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. ‹rd›


      That means a lot coming from a cat. 

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      I just imagine this "one of a kind" demon, that's always been rejected and bullied by the others, because it came out of a well.


      Wandering about the shores of hell, lonely, with noone to talk to, crying bitter tears because of how alone it felt, the demon of the well eventually found that secret holding the weapon to build its confidence and self esteem.


      Now it's not getting bullied anymore, and other demons talk to it as well, though most they say is "Please NO! WAIT..! AAaarr-AARGH!", at least there's some communication.


      Always look on the bright side.

    4. Demon of the Well

      Demon of the Well

      Slave'ring horde calls

      for blood; Lo, to see them fall

      simply hump the walls. 

  19. *secretly wishes everyone would turn off 'Recent Profile Visitors' so it's possible to stalk more stalkily*

    1. Jayextee


      I'm surprised anyone even looks at mine. So surprised, in fact, that I'm rationalising it as "accidental clicks".

    2. NuMetalManiak


      The last time someone visited my profile other than myself was last Wednesday, and that was you rdwpa. I must be partially invisible on this site.

    3. ShoDemo


      I have mine turned off right now and I can say, sure, I always have a curiosity for who watches my profile, but it is also good to keep a little bit of mystery. And thank God such a feature isn't present on sites like facebook, or else, Ι am sure that false rumours and gossip would spread all around the webs. (I once used my facebook account more than once a year, but I got bored of it quickly)

  20. I made a speedmap. Hey, I can use status updates to """"""release"""""" these now.




    Goals were to make a map that is 'conventionally challenging' as opposed to 'really hard', and to use limit removing triggers instead of Boom ones, so -complevel 2. Should take 15 minutes or fewer. Has HMP/UV.


    It's an ancient palace set in a ginormous volcanic rift. 


    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Fonze


      You can drag+drop them onto the .exe, set up a shortcut/batch file and command line "-playdemo xxxxx" it in, or just double click it and set PrBoom+ as your default program for .lmp files. Lotta times PrBoom+ will pick up on the wad file by itself if it's in the same directory, but if the map doesn't load just include the wad file in your method and you're good.


      If PrBoom+ flat out won't play them something is wrong.

    3. Aquanet


      Played it on HMP very late at night and had a good time. I like the encounters and the general feeling of going up and down the different levels.

    4. Benjogami


      In my max attempts, a couple times the cyberdemon went to sleep in the closet, presumably because the monster he was mad at died.


  21. About a year ago I made a bunch of 1-hr speedmaps. Some of them weren't posted, presumably because they were nonsense. I didn't remember this one much, so it was really cool to revisit, and surprisingly it turned out to be quite fun to play, despite being discarded.


    The first part is a lot easier than it was probably intended to be, since there's a lot of health. lol @ that insta rev missile. The BK fight is pretty devious. Meatwalls and low ammo mean you have to use infight induction and tysoning, all while on a timer. :O I didn't remember that I put afrits in this map (lol), so the one that pops up directly behind you at the soulsphere made me go wtf on my first playthrough!? That one is pretty trolly w/o foreknowledge, not that this map was meant to be survivable on first attempt. 


    The last fight probably doesn't look harsher than a typical fight of its type, but the afrits this map uses are really a nightmare -- not just because of their attack, but also because they are hilariously fast, and of course infinitely tall like fliers are. So it took a lot of attempts to do in a non-RNG-jesus way, because I had to develop a movement plan to survive without being boxed in somewhere: potential DPS is too low to spam, especially because if you don't start with a pacifist approach, some cacos come in and create even more infinite height issues! 




    1. Fonze


      Heh; I would've died at the second cyber

      ... assuming I lived that long to begin with ^^


      Nice work for a one-hour speedmap though; good instincts!

  22. Linguica is not only attractive and a great leader but also one of the best golfers to ever live. 

  23. I was chatting about Yvette Young's Acoustics in some Discord place and finally felt like writing the thing about my favorite song in it that I wanted to write for a while.

    Predominating thoughts about the EP first: overall it felt lazy; songs are bloated and it has a very loose improvisatory feel that gets repetitive. That looseness stands out glaringly in the vocals, where she keeps returning to certain melodic ideas and "moves" that don't quite fit. The beginning of "the tide" for instance: the first 30 seconds or so are fine, a nice motif, decent singing, not really creative but fine; but then the way she pronounces "bottom" bothers me a lot, and in the second "I'll find you" the embellishment she adds to the "you" doesn't really fit at all.

    But anyway, I'm really captivated by "hauntsly pinkerdinkle", which is by a massive margin my favorite track in the EP; it's kind of funny how it alternates between things I think flat-out suck and things I REALLY like.

    20:59-21:41: The way she sings "I feel volatile" hurts my ears; also what kind of lyric is that (the lyrics in this song in general bug me). But I'm kind of a sucker for guitar + violin interplay like this.

    21:41-22:22: I like this part a lot better. Sounds quite sweet.

    22:22-22:36: I REALLY like this part, the key shift isn't really set up but it feels right. Reminds me of Kaki King's "Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person", despite not being exactly like anything there.

    22:36-22:54: Nice peaceful intermezzo.

    22:54-23:45: Dislike this a lot. The transition is awkward, the way she pronounces "resuscitate" kind of makes me cringe. All that aside, the threefold repetition is two too many.

    23:46-24:34: My favorite part of the song. Very heartbreaking. I like the glide of "can" and the way it's mirrored by a similar pattern in the violin, and her whisphery voice when she hits the high register in the first half (the repetition is noticeably weaker in all ways but still good).

    24:34-25:15: Bleh. Hate this, entirely because of the cheesy lyrics.

    Definitely seems like the song is composed of a patchwork of parts held together mostly by belonging to Yvette's pool of typical composition ideas than any overarching structure, but it feels like a journey I guess. Anyway, I'm looking forward to what she releases in the future, though. I like her mellow sensibilities a lot, really up my alley, and she is quite a talented guitarist, but this EP (tracks #1-4 in particular) leaves a lot to be desired as far as inspiration goes.