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  1. Hey since everyone has a midi thread I'm going to join in.

    If previous threads are any indication there won't be many responses, however, because of my suckage.

    Since this is a blog there will be much ruminating and introspection. Frightening, huh.

    The most recent full-length piece I did is "Amethyst Princess". I like this one a lot, particularly the rhythm (triplets and 5/8 + 3/8) but I'll probably redo the middle section so that the transition to B' sounds sufficiently orgasmic.

    Lately I've been intrigued by the idea of 'bitelets', which are ~1-minute or so long pieces that I've whipped up occasionally for my speedmaps.

    Here's a recent one.


    I'll make a few more of these -- at least one today, hopefully.

    This bitelet (which predates the term 'bitelet') remains my favorite thing I've done recently:


    I'm not sure how I managed to do it, actually, especially since it was all composed under the span of 30 minutes. Inspiration! I tried to make something today and all of it was complete nonsense. 'Bitelet1.mid' isn't as good either, though I do like its ending.

    Okay, enough yapper for now, there'll be plenty later.

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    2. tourniquet


      Really good, especially the first one is something i could listen to over and over.

    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      The opening of the first MIDI really reminds me of Alice: Madness Returns.

    4. stewboy


      "Amethyst Princess" is wonderfully atmospheric (and the polyrhythms are a great way of maintaining rhythmic interest), though it could use slightly more variation, perhaps in the drum track. One criticism I have is that in the part at 1:27, the tremolo string line has the feel of a bass string line (just whole notes changing per bar), but it stands out as if it were a melody, especially the jump up to the D, and it actually really takes me out of the track. If it's meant as a background line, perhaps you should take it down the octave, or play around with the notes/dynamics until it blends in more; if it's meant as foreground, it needs a bit more variation.