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  1. Lately I've noticed that a significant subset of the Doom community is completely ungraceful about being "outclassed" by a map's difficulty level on UV, even when lower difficulty settings are implemented (which they typically refuse to acknowledge). I've always known these people exist, of course, but I've only recently noticed how prevalent they are, probably 5x-10x as common as I had thought. I have roughly zero respect for this sort of behavior, and I'm kind of sad about it because the Doom community isn't quite as awesome as I thought it was. There are still a lot of awesome people who I'm glad to have met, but idk ... suddenly it feels like I'm on an alien planet.

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      j4rio said:

      Anyway, I would solve the difficulty settings problem by including 50 cyberdemons on HNTR and HMP around starting point of every map in existence.

      Dude, that's a really great idea! I'm gonna actually do that in the map I'm making, but with UV!

      Voros, you reading this?

    3. Aquanet


      I have been auto-selecting HMP for over six months now, and it's going pretty well.

      Um, goat:


    4. Memfis