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  1. I was chatting about Yvette Young's Acoustics in some Discord place and finally felt like writing the thing about my favorite song in it that I wanted to write for a while.

    Predominating thoughts about the EP first: overall it felt lazy; songs are bloated and it has a very loose improvisatory feel that gets repetitive. That looseness stands out glaringly in the vocals, where she keeps returning to certain melodic ideas and "moves" that don't quite fit. The beginning of "the tide" for instance: the first 30 seconds or so are fine, a nice motif, decent singing, not really creative but fine; but then the way she pronounces "bottom" bothers me a lot, and in the second "I'll find you" the embellishment she adds to the "you" doesn't really fit at all.

    But anyway, I'm really captivated by "hauntsly pinkerdinkle", which is by a massive margin my favorite track in the EP; it's kind of funny how it alternates between things I think flat-out suck and things I REALLY like.

    20:59-21:41: The way she sings "I feel volatile" hurts my ears; also what kind of lyric is that (the lyrics in this song in general bug me). But I'm kind of a sucker for guitar + violin interplay like this.

    21:41-22:22: I like this part a lot better. Sounds quite sweet.

    22:22-22:36: I REALLY like this part, the key shift isn't really set up but it feels right. Reminds me of Kaki King's "Can Anyone Who Has Heard This Music Really Be A Bad Person", despite not being exactly like anything there.

    22:36-22:54: Nice peaceful intermezzo.

    22:54-23:45: Dislike this a lot. The transition is awkward, the way she pronounces "resuscitate" kind of makes me cringe. All that aside, the threefold repetition is two too many.

    23:46-24:34: My favorite part of the song. Very heartbreaking. I like the glide of "can" and the way it's mirrored by a similar pattern in the violin, and her whisphery voice when she hits the high register in the first half (the repetition is noticeably weaker in all ways but still good).

    24:34-25:15: Bleh. Hate this, entirely because of the cheesy lyrics.

    Definitely seems like the song is composed of a patchwork of parts held together mostly by belonging to Yvette's pool of typical composition ideas than any overarching structure, but it feels like a journey I guess. Anyway, I'm looking forward to what she releases in the future, though. I like her mellow sensibilities a lot, really up my alley, and she is quite a talented guitarist, but this EP (tracks #1-4 in particular) leaves a lot to be desired as far as inspiration goes.