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  1. About a year ago I made a bunch of 1-hr speedmaps. Some of them weren't posted, presumably because they were nonsense. I didn't remember this one much, so it was really cool to revisit, and surprisingly it turned out to be quite fun to play, despite being discarded.


    The first part is a lot easier than it was probably intended to be, since there's a lot of health. lol @ that insta rev missile. The BK fight is pretty devious. Meatwalls and low ammo mean you have to use infight induction and tysoning, all while on a timer. :O I didn't remember that I put afrits in this map (lol), so the one that pops up directly behind you at the soulsphere made me go wtf on my first playthrough!? That one is pretty trolly w/o foreknowledge, not that this map was meant to be survivable on first attempt. 


    The last fight probably doesn't look harsher than a typical fight of its type, but the afrits this map uses are really a nightmare -- not just because of their attack, but also because they are hilariously fast, and of course infinitely tall like fliers are. So it took a lot of attempts to do in a non-RNG-jesus way, because I had to develop a movement plan to survive without being boxed in somewhere: potential DPS is too low to spam, especially because if you don't start with a pacifist approach, some cacos come in and create even more infinite height issues! 




    1. Fonze


      Heh; I would've died at the second cyber

      ... assuming I lived that long to begin with ^^


      Nice work for a one-hour speedmap though; good instincts!