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  1. One-hour speedmap to shake off some rust. Pretty happy with the way this turned out. Complevel 9, has HMP and UV.





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    2. galileo31dos01


      Umm, sure why not... beat it on HMP after several tries. Not going to deny that the revenants made me grr all the time, not enjoying my time as I should have, but the map is pretty good. Also saw a bit of UV, not sure how I would feel with an extra archie at the end but, I'll see. 



      I found all the secrets, though the first time I used an archie to get the BFG, and found the switch later. With the megasphere, personal tastes with archie-jump secrets aside, helps a lot. 


      I may also record on both skills, later.

    3. tourniquet
    4. galileo31dos01


      toronja is HMP, chorizo is UV, these turned out different from previous runs. The additional archvile was indeed, more violent. Excuse my non-professionalism.