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  1. I'm kinda tired of people just hating on things on DW lately without the least bit of analysis or specificity behind it, so this grated on me and I deleted it. Not doing that to defend MtPain specifically -- people are obviously allowed to voice criticism here. But please keep it constructive. "Can't stand that dude's voice and the way he talks" is just an insult. Try again tomorrow maybe.
  2. I don't want to switch over to my video recording setup for brief clips made on a whim, and given that it's just a brief clip, I thought the gist was enough. It should be viewable at least, though, enough to see more than "barely anything" -- so I'm guessing YT might be only displaying the lowest quality option for you.
  3. [My example got way longer than I was expecting. Please feel free to write something much briefer, like few sentences. I really don't want everyone to feel they have to write an essay to contribute, except the people who really want to do that. ;)] I was thinking about the opening fight of map04 of dannebubinga's Combat Shock 2, which is a slaughter map pack that is tough but -- compared to some of the "notorious" stuff out there -- forgiving. In a gameplay sense, it's like Vanguard with more spice meets Sunder with restraint. That means once you are familiar (or practiced) with the encounters, they often afford noticeable slack. After playing this map more straightforwardly, I eventually took to treating the first half of it as a sandbox. (Please forgive the crappy video quality.) What I really like about playing it this way is how varied it is moment to moment: 1) One moment, you're inching through a block of imps, not too quickly if you like your face free of rockets. Another, you're full-on strafe running to slip past an encroaching horde of pinkies before they make you easy pickings for the starving mancubi or the trigger-happy cyberdemons. 2) Sometimes, the main threat is the big obvious commotion in front of you. Sometimes, the danger is latent and often unrealized: cyb rockets meant for something else you can unwittingly dash into. So you are following a plan, but also reacting and anticipating, which is exciting. 3) In addition to the more forceful ways of clearing out monsters, there are also nuanced ones. The second room's lower level is infested with spread-out chaingunners that I find tedious to clear out, so I bait them to wake up before leaving the room and cleaning up the neat clumps later, which is amusing to me, especially because chaingunners are dicks. All of it -- the rocket-punching, the zips and dodges, the unencumbered sprints and the more measured drifts -- is satisfying, and there is something balletic about the shape of the path you trace, and the jukes and whirls. The driving background midi fits the "itinerary" nature of it perfectly. "Yeah, we're getting shit done now." *** None of this is necessary, but in Doom I love doing arbitrary things, or really silly things, for no other reason than that I find them fun and amusing. With this mindset, playing transforms into a creative act, a dance. A duet with the author. Every time someone waits for a hell knight to saunter closer so that the rocket fired at it also splash-gibs some nearby wandering zombie, or times finishing off a drifting cacodemon so that its falling corpse plops onto a tall crate, or petulantly fires a single look-away pistol shot at a mancubus that has somehow survived four or five SSG blasts due to a blockmap clipping because it just has to have like 10 HP right about now... ...every time someone lines up a fancy SSG multi-kill that is way more trouble than it was worth, or dives recklessly into a room they are meant to patiently dismantle, or cheese patiently dismantles a room they can dive into recklessly, or avoids killing hell knights that are hopping on ZDoom trampolines, or actually sits on that sector couch for a bit -- something new is created and expressed outside of what the game can consistently force, or even encourage, the player to do. Sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's profound (okay not that), sometimes it's just dumb. But it's yet another way that a game like Doom is even richer than it looks on the immediate surface; Doom with all of its quirks, its simple AI, and its uh, sector couches, lends itself really well to that. (Just for clarity, this isn't "my one thing" in Doom, or even my main thing, as much as it's one way, of many, that I like enjoying myself. I also like many things that might contradict this: like being oppressed or pressured with no slack to do anything silly, or treating the game as more of an optimization puzzle. I can even enjoy being funneled along, as if on rails, through a very precise set of actions. I decided to just focus on this in this post.)
  4. rd.

    WAD Progression for Skill Improvement

    The list's order is confusing to me, so I'll just say generally that it is in the easier half of slaughter things.
  5. Big same. And the AAA comparison was exactly how I've thought of it. In my favorite Wowing Doom Maps, the wowiness is generally secondary to some other strong qualities. (Which in turn means that those qualities are really strong if they outpace the overt impressiveness of such a map.) Generally, wads that are more about that sort of "lateral" artistic expression -- Going Down, Nanka Kurashiki maps, myhouse.wads, and yes maps like Culture Shock and Eviternity m15/m26 (visually these are actually deceptively simple) and even things like Breach and Brigandine (for all the sheer fidelity of these, there is the sense that every construct and detail is painstakingly fussed-over to look as good as it can, not piled on in haste for the sake of fidelity) -- are timeless. A wad that stakes its value purely in technical achievement will look a lot less impressive to people 10 years in the future, when even more impressive things have come along.
  6. rd.

    25 Years on Earth Map 16 keeps crashing my game

    Does the problem exist without gameplay mods? Under the hood, it is a set of barrels getting crushed around a Romero head. Crushed barrels can be a lag or hung game hotspot with some mods. If you can't get around the problem, "changemap map17" in the console and pretend you hit the switch.
  7. This is really hard. I've played so many "A+" maps I find it tough to commit to any. FOMO is a real concern: "pick one, but that means I'll miss out on another map so maybe I want that other map instead, but wait the first map was actually better, but no maybe actually I want this entirely different map, but sigh that means I won't find a spot for 'Habitat' so--" As ReaperAA suggested, there is also an element of what exactly I might be in the mood for at a given time. But so far this is the unordered list I was working on, just more well known things to start (with close runners-up in parentheses): Although every other episode of Valiant has a map that I like more than or as much as 06 or 07, the 01-07 stretch, combined, is my favorite contiguous interval of Valiant, and I wanted to highlight that. It's a way of acknowledging that a "map" is an arbitrary unit. Have some incomplete brainstorming (many of these are probably in my top-50 at least, but it's not exhaustive either, god there's so much Doom): Also nothing after November 2020 is in this post, otherwise I'd have a top-10 relatively easily. Uh... yeah 2021 has been a really good year of Doom so far.
  8. rd.

    Favorite Slaughter and Non-Slaughter Map/Mapset

    There have been countless discussions on the definition of slaughter over the past few years. They usually aren't productive and devolve into salt and bickering. People who have been around DW for longer than a few months are really tired of them. So that thread will be immediately locked. Bumping old ones isn't okay either, nor is using this thread as a venue. Would recommend the Controversial Opinions thread as an alternative to air thoughts on the subject.
  9. And why, if you feel like explaining. Don't limit yourself to 10 if you feel that is too restrictive.
  10. Huh? I think you misinterpreted something.
  11. Where has it been ranked as the "GOAT map"?
  12. Broadly (meaning I'm not talking about Project Unity), this seems like a product of the constraints they are currently working with, rather than the result of an explicit directive for "maps that could replace some of the original maps of Doom." It's a distinction that matters for those who might want to forecast what they include next. edit: looking at that quote, I think you misinterpreted me
  13. rd.

    How can I make my starting area better?

    This is still pretty early in design, and you can go in a million directions based on what approach you want to use. Are you building your map around a compelling setting or story? Then you might decide "what" the room is in the grander scheme of the map and make steps towards improving it. Perhaps it's a landing pad for the helicopter you might have arrived in, and you could design an "H" and then beacon lights. (The ideas I'm using are just examples and I wouldn't call them particularly inspired, so it's worth coming up with something better.) Are you building around architecture and theme? Then you might block out cool shapes for structures to place around this and go from there. Maybe you might decide that the ceiling is a hollowed-out dome, and sturdy beams are connecting it to the floor, which are inset with piping, and the floor has some pipe detail too. Are you building around combat concepts? Then you might imagine an encounter and build features to support it. Maybe we're going with a cluster of imps and sergeants, some cacos sneaking up from the bottom, so you might design some pillars for cover. Maybe we want hand out an early berserk and task the player to do some jousting with hell knights and pinkies, so you might place several crates around to create obstacles the player can get trapped behind. Are you building around layout flow and pace? Then you probably want to design more areas and seeing how those mesh before you commit to much work on any of them. (And there are other approaches. That is not a complete list.) What's more, the surrounding areas you design are probably going to have a big say on what ends up working in this region. For example your approach if the next area is a subterranean tunnel, disconnected from this zone, might be different than if you end up designing buildings that have windows monsters take potshots through. Regardless of what path you take, this room is early enough in the design process that I would focus more on creating new features and elements, than on polish and refinement of existing ones. Hopefully those four examples give some ideas of how you might go about creating.
  14. That would work! Requested music when you do is D_RUNNIN (for the pun lol). For the info / txt file: Name: Stinkhole Showdown Author: rd Build time: 45 minutes Custom: none Music: D_RUNNIN