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  1. Well, today I had to kill a pest mouse that had somehow gotten in and had been rummaging around for some time. It was alive one moment, and then the next moment it was dead in a pool of blood. By my doing. I'm still really sad about it, to the point of tears, even. It hasn't been a great day.

    It was on the sticky trap, as it had been for a few hours by the time I got to it, and letting it slowly starve to death would have been worse, I suppose. But whatever -- I just wish it hadn't gotten in the house.

    I hope this doesn't make me quit Dooming altogether. I don't like killing imps. And cacos. And archies. And arachnotrons.

    Laugh if you want, but if you do, fuck you.

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    2. Doominator2


      I once was sleeping, saw a mouse run by the fireplace and fell back to sleep.

    3. Coopersville


      I've killed a couple mice with good old fashioned snap traps. It's icky but whatever.

    4. rehelekretep


      i had to kill a paralysed rat (i assume from poison) once.

      i took it outside and tried to decapitate it with a spade.

      unfortunately, the ground was quite soft and the first go just squashed it a bit and it was still breathing >.<


      its never fun killing things; i cant imagine how some people hunt for pleasure.