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  1. I made a speedmap. Hey, I can use status updates to """"""release"""""" these now.




    Goals were to make a map that is 'conventionally challenging' as opposed to 'really hard', and to use limit removing triggers instead of Boom ones, so -complevel 2. Should take 15 minutes or fewer. Has HMP/UV.


    It's an ancient palace set in a ginormous volcanic rift. 


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    2. Fonze


      You can drag+drop them onto the .exe, set up a shortcut/batch file and command line "-playdemo xxxxx" it in, or just double click it and set PrBoom+ as your default program for .lmp files. Lotta times PrBoom+ will pick up on the wad file by itself if it's in the same directory, but if the map doesn't load just include the wad file in your method and you're good.


      If PrBoom+ flat out won't play them something is wrong.

    3. Aquanet


      Played it on HMP very late at night and had a good time. I like the encounters and the general feeling of going up and down the different levels.

    4. Benjogami


      In my max attempts, a couple times the cyberdemon went to sleep in the closet, presumably because the monster he was mad at died.