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  1. *secretly wishes everyone would turn off 'Recent Profile Visitors' so it's possible to stalk more stalkily*

    1. Jayextee


      I'm surprised anyone even looks at mine. So surprised, in fact, that I'm rationalising it as "accidental clicks".

    2. NuMetalManiak


      The last time someone visited my profile other than myself was last Wednesday, and that was you rdwpa. I must be partially invisible on this site.

    3. ShoDemo


      I have mine turned off right now and I can say, sure, I always have a curiosity for who watches my profile, but it is also good to keep a little bit of mystery. And thank God such a feature isn't present on sites like facebook, or else, Ι am sure that false rumours and gossip would spread all around the webs. (I once used my facebook account more than once a year, but I got bored of it quickly)