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  1. Some horrible Doom pickup lines. 


    You must be an archvile because you really light a fire in me.

    Damn baby, you're thiccer than a closet full of cyberdemons! 

    I don't have a chainsaw but I think I found my meat!!!!!! 

    I'll be your former human trooper, want to see my pea shooter? 

    Babe are you flagged secret, because I've been looking for you all my life!

    Is your name Eternal Doom, because I could get lost in you forever. 

    You must be a Ribbiks map, because damn you are tight. 

    Did you just spam your BFG? Because I can feel you tracing the outline of my heart.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, like a mastermind on an imp, I'm stuck on you. 

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    2. Fonze


      <3 cheesy pickup lines


      Doom pickup line failures:


      Girl you must be the thiccest cyberdemon I've ever seen; I could hear you stomping all through this club.

      You got the body of an arch-vile and the voice of a cyber.

      Wanna get as high as two lost souls fighting?

      You look so good; I hope I don't prematurely GAD!

      When I fire my missiles I always back it up.

      Hitscans are more avoidable than that juicy butt.

      What cyberdemon shot those two chest rockets?

      If I'm a revenant, my missile is homing right at you.

      My blast has more knockback than an arch-vile; wanna see?

      I think I could FDA that.

      You must be a pain elemental because I see a new lost soul in you every day.

      You got a boyfriend? That's okay baby, I'm like a lost soul; I don't count.


      And let's get some love for the guys too since it's absent here:


      I bet a date between us would be like a match on shoot.wad.

      Hey, you wanna hear what it sounds like when Duke3D and Doomguy press walls simultaneously?

      I'll take that hot stream of plasma any day...

      Better grab the lube, cause I'm gonna rip and tear.

      You make me wish I could dual-wield.

      Wanna play a game of survival? Winner cleans up.

      You remember that gif of the Doomguy club? I know a place like it, wanna go?

      I bet you're faster than a speeding lost soul.

      Wanna see who can reload their SSG faster?

      Look bud, you leave now and you forfeit deez nuts.

      Hey, wanna start an FFA?

      Wanna see if we can beat David Carradine's record for a death exit? You do me then I'll do you.


      I'm mildly sorry for this one:

      Let's beat it-- this is turning into a cumbath!

    3. Marn


      You must be an imp because here comes my dick.

    4. GarrettChan


      Oh god, I like the Eternal Doom one so much.