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  1. Yesterday I accidentally clicked a Mediafire link while trying to download a wad, which froze my browser and led to many minutes of annoyance. My history during that stretch looks like this for about 25 full pages. I run the usual adblockers but that didn't help. 


    I said 'accidentally' because it's possible to right click -> save file as and avoid this. But I should have to worry about that from well-reputed poster in the first place, and no one should have to deal with this at all.


    Dropbox is a far better general hosting site. You can even provide neat and tidy direct links by changing the 'dl=0' at the end of an url to 'dl=1'.


    PSA: Please stop using Mediafire.

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    2. Dragonfly



       a degree of artistic refinement

      Hah. If 90's angelfire / MS Frontpage is refined I'll quit my web design role(s) now. :D

    3. Fonze


      ^ I was just referring to its services, not its minimalist, high-brow appearance... buuut better start typing that resume now I guess... ;p

    4. Pinchy


      I didn't know that mediafire was loading an extra ad page on downloads until I had about 2 years worth of Doom content on it.


      After I release what I'm currently working on, I'm going to migrate it all to Google Drive. I have everything local anyway.