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  1. rdwpa

    The 2019 Cacowards

    My personal opinion is handing Romero 11th Cacowards for every major work would ring hollow and patronizing -- less like a celebration, more like a gilded "participation trophy" only one person can win. Romero did stuff objectively well, and an HM in 2019 captures that better than any Romero Award For Being John Romero possibly could.
  2. rdwpa

    Post your Doom textures!

    Suggested names:
  3. rdwpa

    Super Mayhem 17 review

    By standing on them. To test thinking outside the box (literally, because you need the cybs outside of their boxes).
  4. I'd suggest learning 'scene composition' -- how to use colors and shades in good proportions, and smart texture choices, and also lighting, to make stuff look complete, or almost complete, without small-scale detail. Then small-scale detail can be the icing on the cake that elevates your stuff even more. A good rule of thumb with that approach is working on the right 'scale' based on what features you have in a room or not. Like say you have a mid-sized room that is still bare layout -- completely undone. If the only thing you do is poking holes in tiles, setting up small monitors, chiseling wires -- whatever... tiny-scale stuff -- you run the risk of doing lots of work to that room and then still having a messy-looking thing long into the process. Instead you might first carve out a good 3D shape for the room with broad features (i.e. architecture, which is a term I'm using in a broad sense, not just pillars and columns and such) while applying materials smartly. Then you might progressively work down to smaller scales. Once you learn that you can do something else if you want -- more concept-driven approaches, more micro-detail-y stuff, whatever -- but I think it's a good basis because it's relevant to lots of approaches.
  5. I'd suggest analyzing a speedrun. Figure out which fast approaches are 'safe' and add to survival rate, and which fast approaches are more as they seem: dangerous and unreliable rushes or tricks (if any). Then assemble a route with mostly the former and perhaps 'safer' versions of the latter if possible. Especially in NM, implementing a 'run' approach can beat normal play, due to the attrition factor. [Although that is relevant in UV runs too; sometimes things that look dangerous are super consistent, sometimes things that turn up in a run and look safe are fraught with run-killers and make people improperly go 'what's the big deal' when they watch the demo. :P]
  6. For the sake of a tidy OP, I'd suggest using the spoiler function and hiding the content under 'Credits for custom stuff', 'Known issues', and 'Bonus content' in three spoilers. It would be a good idea to move the download link much closer to the screenshot or italicized story text. Here is a great example of an info-packed OP that works. People will read what they want to anyway; but you'll make the OP look more streamlined and manageable and emphasize the most important info.
  7. I like when people can SSG a lone low-tier when ammo is in sufficient excess, even if the odd imp takes two SSG shots because it's too far or high and gets bad spread RNG. Weapon swapping takes time, thus can be slower if you're just killing one or two monsters, and if it gets constant it can produce a herky-jerky watch. Although it depends. It can also be pleasant to watch in a 'contemplative' way. I also like when people feel no obligation to clear rooms one by one, before proceeding or triggering switches. Leaving stuff alive is often a good approach, not to mention it can be more fun to watch. Again, depends. Could go on, but the common thread is I like pragmatism and versatility, rather than the player robotically taking a single script to every map. Using a rocket on a zombie can be great in one map, but horrible in another. Speeding can be great in one map, but bad in another. And so on. The same can be said of viewer perception. My experience is people aren't reliable critics when they don't outclass the person they are evaluating or aren't a speedrunner or similar caliber player with a more nuanced understanding. It is easy to think you spot 'mistakes' but not realize they might be totally unimportant. It is easy for even a casual viewer to spot mistakes of commission, but mistakes of omission -- which are super important -- are a whole different ballpark. So I'd prefer most people watch for entertainment, rather than being too critical. I guess do it if you want, but prepare for blowback if someone who knows better thinks you're wrong.
  8. rdwpa

    Doom QUIZ in PL

    To defeat the cyberdemon... A) find the hidden BFG in the Spawning Vats. B) shoot at it until it dies. C) lure it to a teleporter and get a lost soul to telefrag it. D) guide its rockets into a wall while crouching.
  9. rdwpa

    What should I call this map?

    Two Formerhumen of the Aboxalypse. (I apologize for the horribleness.)
  10. rdwpa


    Additionally there is a cushion to ensure thorough judgment, meaning the eligible period stretches from one mid-November to the next.
  11. Certain linedef actions in the game can be activated by monsters (as in the monster itself): this includes obvious ones, like teleporters and basic doors, but also more obscure ones, such as some of the walkover lifts. When Doom 2 was made, the devs erred and did not blacklist the new Doom 2 monster projectiles from doing such things. So anything a monster can activate can also be controlled by one of those. (And not just in vanilla.) A quick wad to demonstrate: sil.zip The vanilla bug is a once-only action, such as a W1 teleporter, can be 'eaten up' even by something that fails to properly use it (pretty sure the projectile fails the teleport check) as long as it manages to cross it. Boom 'de-arms' the teleporter linedef only if properly used.
  12. From time to time I have questions that I don't feel deserve their own threads, and others probably do as well, hence the existence of this thread. -- Here's a "circle" with a radius of around 16400 mu. I want to use it as a "sea". The actual playable area of the map would be much smaller, of course. Will this result in blockmap (or other) issues in Boom, and what's the largest this circle can be before these bad things happen?
  13. rdwpa

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    That post has... problems... but sticking to the project stuff: There are many reasons someone might release a project only when every map is done. And in this era of progress logging, I do appreciate the occasional project dropping out of nowhere in RC form. Private testers and Discords exist, in greater number than you might be aware of. As long as it's not a new mapper setting sail alone towards a full megawad, it's usually a fine option.
  14. rdwpa

    Scythe 2 run error

    Scythe 2 is a limit-removing wad rather than a vanilla wad.
  15. rdwpa

    Is centering maps important?

    This is relevant for very large maps in oldschool (pre-Z) formats, where blockmap overflows might be a concern. I am not sure of any vanilla implications beyond vanilla's much more stringent blockmap limits. But in Boom format, long ago, I had to neatly position a roughly 20,000-by-20,000 map to avoid this.
  16. rdwpa

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    I don't feel so. If anything, the ideas that linearity is to be shunned and symmetry is to be aggressively avoided are more likely to be held by those with some expertise, but who don't yet have the most refined perspective. A nuanced view understands linearity and non-linearity as different 'modes' to different ends, with trade-offs between them, and symmetry as an instrumental building block even in a layout that might be defined by its irregularity. You can say the same about many mapping buzzwords like 'interconnectivity' and 'height variation'.
  17. rdwpa

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    All you have to do is remember next week when the 2020 thread goes up. :P
  18. rdwpa

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    The issue is that the list of True Don'ts -- things you should truly avoid in nearly all cases -- is generally tight. And most are so trivial as to not warrant mention in threads like these (e.g. "Don't make a terrywad!"). So threads like these end up dominated by a milder range of things that might annoy certain players but not all, and moreover things that can be botched, that might even be easier to botch than otherwise, but that also can be excelled at. Maps full of damaging floors? Sure, that can be annoying; there are also plenty of pretty good maps that have done it. Instant pop-ups? Can be irritating, can be really useful. SSG before SG? Seems very personal. What constitutes overuse of archviles? Maybe you draw the line differently there than someone else. Some people love puzzles, some people hate them. Not enough rockets? Plenty of exquisitely balanced maps have none or few. (I don't mean to single those posters out -- just grabbing examples from here.) To follow the advice in such threads to the extreme would be to obliterate the range of possibilities down to a milquetoast husk that will offend no one but also please no one. Look at last year's Cacos for example, or whatever your favorite wads are if Caco stuff isn't your cup of tea. Upon fine inspection, anyone will find lots of stuff that might make a Don't thread. It's noise, honestly. Good mapping is not done strictly by using 'good' tropes and avoiding 'bad' ones. Whether any idea works or not is a far more nuanced thing than threads like these can possibly touch on.
  19. rdwpa

    Things that mappers do that annoy you.

    These threads are not useful for mappers (except maybe for ideas to subvert). Just pointing that out in case anyone is tempted into mining them for practical wisdom.
  20. rdwpa

    Most underwhelming weapon in Doom

    This beautiful thing.
  21. rdwpa

    (TMM returns) Interception II Community Project

    Late but @CBM here is a text generator that can be used to create more Doomy text. Set the right transparent background color and you should be good to go. https://c.eev.ee/doom-text-generator/
  22. rdwpa

    Couple Of Questions About "Community Chest 4"

    The Doom 2 convention of the Icon of Sin requiring three rockets to vanquish is a result of placement: the Romero head thing, which is the actual prop destroyed, is situated in a pit below the brain opening such that only splash damage connects, and from a distance at that, dealing less than full (128) splash damage with each rocket. The head has 250 HP, so it can be killed by a single rocket that connects directly, with favorable RNG. The highest two of eight dice rolls will deal 140 and 160 direct damage, and you'll add a flat 128 damage from splash. In other cases, two rockets are required. The Community Chest 4 setup allows direct impact.
  23. Thanks! It was a pleasant surprise that it being a speedmap went overlooked during play. I've experimented with many processes over the years, and this is the one I'm happiest with so far. Yeah the little YK skirmish is halfbaked, and the final area allowing escape so easily was I think a typo-related mistake with setting the barrier height.
  24. The textures are not included in the demo wad, so they must be loaded alongside it.