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  1. rdwpa

    Demos for miscellaneous Ribbiks maps

    0xf opening his luggage. "Oh here are some 20x7 demos" *drops mic while walking away from exploding building*
  2. From time to time I have questions that I don't feel deserve their own threads, and others probably do as well, hence the existence of this thread. -- Here's a "circle" with a radius of around 16400 mu. I want to use it as a "sea". The actual playable area of the map would be much smaller, of course. Will this result in blockmap (or other) issues in Boom, and what's the largest this circle can be before these bad things happen?
  3. rdwpa

    Cyberdoom A origenes

    Tips: 1) Read the New to Posting Maps guide. At the very least, people want in-game screenshots and a brief description of what the file is, including the targeted port (GZDoom?). 2) You are sharing a 100 MB wad file, which is a lot. I'd suggest bundling it in a .zip or .rar using a program like WinZip or WinRAR, which can be downloaded for free online. (The OP might not be fluent in English, as this is the third time that something of this sort has been posted over the years, in spite of advice. So it would be helpful if someone can provide a suitable translation, including a few things from that guide.)
  4. rdwpa

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

  5. rdwpa

    Sandy Petersen Interview (w/ Mahmut Saral)

    That explains some of his texturing.
  6. rdwpa

    Spiderfight! Very short single level WAD

    I'm not sure what the nuances were meant to be as one can just do what I do in the video below, and when playing the encounter a variety of ways to try to better understand it, I didn't run into any problems at all. The mechanical demands of the encounter (basically 'what you do' while it is happening) are also not very interesting. But the mechanic is really cool, and can be repurposed for other types of encounters. A variation I'd enjoy is 3x more of those cover sections, and equidistant gaps between all, but also a 'real fight' taking place on the exterior instead of just those four revs. The idea would be to fight those monsters while also having to hide consistently from the MM -- i.e. to prevent it from firing and eroding the cover and making hiding from it even tougher, etc. You'd want to use mostly low-tiers as roamers, and restrict mid-tiers to positions where they can't easily hit the MM. Also, I think your assumptions about players' intuitions won't hold. That bosses are immune to splash damage looms large in people's minds, and will tend to make people much less inclined to use the rocket launcher against cybs/MMs when given another viable choice.
  7. rdwpa

    Experiencing Nirvana demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 32 UV-Max in 1:17 en32-117.zip
  8. rdwpa

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Awesome map! Thanks for the max.
  9. Iirc the Valiant versions on idgames and DSDA are different, so try the other one.
  10. This revenant turret behind the green armor has a health bonus on it.
  11. rdwpa

    Miscellaneous demos (part 3)

    Violence Map 02 UV-Max in 1:29. Quick touch-up of a demo from 2016, since the set was uploaded to DSDA on YouTube. vi02-129.zip
  12. rdwpa

    Seeing Blue - Single Map! v1B

    That is a beautiful liquid flat. Welcome to the world of non-speedmapping. The layout and map design are decent. I agree with Fonze in that the map feels like it is quite cautious with thing balance and monster placement -- it is very ascetic, in a way, quite by the book. If you do want to spice it up, an earlier RL is of course one possible alternative, although a dozen or so alternatives came to mind, so I wouldn't prescribe any specific approaches. Some misc talking points: - I noticed that your monster conveyors don't loop. This means that if a destination gets blocked, the map won't be maxable. I had that happen to me in the chainsaw area because I pressed the switch to get the chainsaw instead of killing everything in the room with the pistol, which is the more natural way for me to play that. - I was hesitant to use the rocket launcher with gusto in the final area, because I had no idea if a monster would spawn in my face at an unmarked teleport destination, and given the staging, it felt to me as if it might have been a multi-wave fight. - I did like the secret implementation. One potential downside of the shell secret is that people who don't find the secret that it is a front for will likely consider it dumb. It can also reduce incentives for future secret hunting. But they are alright. The green armor jump is quirky (that taunting stimpack) and clever and reliably technical; the radsuit secret has a good use. - At the blue key, initially I thought 'this could use more monsters', but I suppose you are playing psychological games and want to tempt fleeing (from essentially nothing) into the crushers, and that is clever. The initially ominous look of it is cool as well. Really screams 'this has to be a trap!' And it is. Just not the one you expect. - Lifts can run the risk of being awkward for flow if you have to ride too many of them in a short span. It is probably borderline approaching that here, although not horrible or anything.
  13. rdwpa

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    Please send a download link from whatever alternate timestream you are in!
  14. Just about anything else.
  15. rdwpa

    Doomworld Mega Project Series Demos

    DMP2012 Map 14 UV-Max in 6:13 mp14-613.zip
  16. rdwpa

    remove the "File reviews" panel

    For the last couple of days, the reviews section has been a circlepoop headed by someone who posts acerbic stuff like this: And also, by their own admission, seeks out bad wads in the first place, obviously just to pillory them: Normally it isn't this bad, but it rarely is worth paying any attention to. I do appreciate people like NIH, Agent6, and Gallileo who put effort into their reviews, as well as those who manage to post pithier reviews that are informative in some way. Anyway, have a poem: Too many Dead Simple monsters. Breaks [obscure gameplay mod]. Ten revs? Slaughterfest! Only beatable by a Doomgod. Why do they upload this tripe to the file archive? Crashes Doomsday on load, zero out of five.
  17. All of those can be done with stock textures. Caco Bell is a recent example of a fast-food restaurant. Even an adult bar is doable -- imagine a stage, sector detail chairs, and a 'stripper pole' made from one of Doom's silver-colored textures. The monsters don't belong? Nah, that is a perfect spot for some hot archvile action.
  18. rdwpa

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    One tip: learning how to play slaughtermaps, at least at a minimally serviceable level, will narrow the disparity a lot. Small-scale slaughter, as well as conventional maps with an occasional slaughter fight, is worth looking at as well. No need to jump straight into macroslaughter with big arenas and monster counts measured in the thousands. Trying to make a good slaughtermap with a few hundred monsters is a good, modest starting point.
  19. rdwpa

    Resurgence demos [-complevel 9]

    Map 09 UV-Max in 6:29 Hoarded (at the time) table fill from July. 1st attempt, but really lucky. After 15 further minutes of dying in the 1st area because a manc didn't do the necessary 'sitting on a teleport destination' needed to get a run going, I ended up sidetracked and not coming back to this. But it's a fun enough watch I guess, so might as well post it. rs09-629.zip
  20. rdwpa

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    Would be wary of generalizing personal preference into principles that are meant to stand on their own -- a lot of people will have different opinions based on their own preferences and capabilities and experience, and their principles will look the opposite of yours. To enumerate a bunch of ways tastes can vary: So in sum, that you like what you like is fine, but don't present it as objective truth about what constitutes good or bad design. P.S. 'SF11 and SF12' is a really loose category. Not too far removed from saying 'a bunch of slaughtermaps made in 2011 and 2012' -- because there is a wide range of styles and quality in there.
  21. rdwpa

    Slaughterfest WADs: Pro or Anti?

    I'm not anti-normalmaps. But I will be honest I don't enjoy that kind of gameplay as much as slaughter- or challenge maps and I'm somewhat disappointed that some beautiful mapsets fail to reach their potential by relying largely on non-oppressive monster placement that I rarely find exciting or interesting outside of speedrunning. Though there is certainly an appeal to this that is undeniable, and I admire the mappers who can pull off normalmaps very well. To be clear, I don't feel that way (at least not all the time!), but a lot of people need to understand that these perspectives are equally valid. To be disappointed that a mapper put effort into making what they want to make, instead of what you happen to like, is to be very selfish. Not everything is made for everyone. I appreciate the numerous replies in this thread, like Capellan's, that actually acknowledge this:
  22. rdwpa

    Presenting... the SELTZER OF DOOM

    Drink a bunch of cans in short succession: fart propulsion. Would be good for speedruns.
  23. It's not uncommon for people to look back at beliefs they held two or three years ago and feel embarrassed. Life is growth.
  24. I wouldn't classify my paragraph of Discord feedback -- based on a first play that stumbled into the exit in 1.5 minutes with 16% kills and then a five-minute follow-up playthrough -- as 'playtesting'. I don't know a lot about the map beyond superficialities. I'll try to squeeze in another look at some point, so that I can be adequately thorough. EDIT: - The combat is fine for what it sets out to be: nothing too inventive, but gets the job done. I thought the room with the three lifts was a bit of a problem area, wrt map flow. Since you are spending a lot of time waiting on lifts in a short span, the action is somewhat stilted. Also note that if I simply drop off from the green armor area, as is intuitive, and hear the floor lowering afterwards, I have to ride back up to grab the secret -- that is five total lift trips in about a minute or so. I think the most indispensable lift ride is the drop after picking up the chaingun, since it does build a bit of tension while you wonder what you heard being released. The rest can be designed differently: stairs, quickly rising floors that can be lowered, etc. - The map geometry is largely the same throughout: indoor rooms with mostly right angles. The way you handle those rooms is usually fine, but I'd suggest experimenting with different types of areas: indoor areas with other angles, outdoor areas, cave areas, ledges overlooking stuff, and so on. (I'd recommend 50 Monsters and Jimmy's latest UDoom set Deathless, if you want to see some great examples of how to handle vanilla + small maps.) The visiplane limit of course has to be contended with in vanilla, but outdoor areas can be made to look good by focusing on broadscale texturing and architecture, rather than smaller wall details. A bit of variety goes a long way. In this map, one or two areas being different in some way would help a lot. - When I see a relatively unambitious map, I assume that is the intent, but in case you are still looking to add more stuff that might be cool, it might be worth playing around with a bit of 'scenery' type design -- looks into inaccessible, purely decorative areas in spots where you won't run out of visiplanes. (If that fits your vision, of course.) The map as it currently stands doesn't have much of a sense of place -- it's a building with no hint of anything outside. There is also still room to do more ambitious/memorable things with combat, for example in the red key area, which is a serviceable but not climactic ending. Have a casual playthrough. (I left with a pet pinky. :P)