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  1. A couple of years ago a buddy of mine graduated from some kind of firefighter academy. He invited me to the ceremony, and as my oldest friend (eleven years and going strong), of course I went. There came a point during the ceremony where everyone was asked to bow their heads for a moment of silence to honor all of the fallen firefighters.


    Thirty some odd seconds into the moment of silence...Doomguy's "second scream" on full volume broke the silence. Also, because it was a phone call, he just KEPT ON SCREAMING. "Bwahhhhhh! Bwahhhh! Bwahhhhhh!"

    Everybody in the room looked right at me. I tried to get the phone out of the front pocket of my button down shirt, but I couldn't work the button quick enough. So I just started punching the hell out of my chest until I managed to hit the silent button.

    I looked up at my buddy who was trying really hard to keep from laughing his ass off.

    The end.

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    2. GreyGhost


      As we age our perception of time changes, so maybe it only felt like 30 seconds to the OP. ;)

    3. Never_Again


      The full truth about that momentous day will probably never be known.

    4. Tracer


      The full truth:

      My friend and I are both in our mid twenties, and we became friends when we were in junior high.