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  1. I'm attending a training course formy new job, and there is a screen being projected onto the wall. The projection consists of four equally sized squares with words and crudely drawn explanations on them. The one on the lower right says "ZOOM"... only at first glance I could have sworn it said " ZDoom".

    Yep. I need my coffee.

    Also, unrelated, but I miss when this area's explanation said, "For every post here, the alleged baby Jesus kills a kitten" or something like that. I miss that, it was funny.

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    2. Avoozl


      I'm more of a tea person myself, however I don't really drink it all that often anymore, just on and off.

    3. Mithran Denizen

      Mithran Denizen

      I'm more for evening coffee than morning coffee. I don't use it to wake up or start the day, but I find caffeine can be a nice boost for working on projects after the sun has gone down. Since weekday nights are typically my only free 'hobby time', that's how much of my sewing gets done.

      Once in a while I'll start with a few cups in the evening, keep guzzling all night, and then carry right on into the next morning. I also go weeks without a sip of the stuff and never miss it, though, so I dunno.

    4. SYS


      Black coffee is the way to go. Too much will give me anxiety. One in the morning, one at lunch break, and one in the afternoon is the sweet spot.

      I also keep an emergency crash kit of caffeine and L-theanine tabs. Because you never know....