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  1. I want to start making choices every day that will better my life in every possible aspect. Small changes over time become lifestyle changes which can help to mold a new and improved you.

    So let's motivate each other here.

    Today, instead of having leftover pizza for breakfast, I had a bowl of cheerios and an apple. Then for lunch I brought in grilled chicken and peppers. Dinner tonight is sushi with the girlfriend.

    I've also started exercising. My goal is to drop 40 pounds by the end of summer. So I'm giving myself a weigh in date of September 1.

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    2. Tracer


      The best tasting water ever is either with a cucumber slice in it or lemon juice. One thing I've been doing lately is filling a one gallon jug with ice cubes and then filling it with water. I'll then top it off with maybe half a cup of lemon juice. So refreshing.

    3. Maes


      Cutting down on refined sugars.

    4. Tritnew


      I'm... Not In the best shape either, I'm trying to better myself for the good, such as mental health and my overall state. Don't think this depression will ever go away, but I'll try to make myself happy each day.

      Might also try mapping for some good too, maybe help with the community and get to know a little more DOOM within the code and such.

      Other then that, I wanna try to mostly take care of my mental state, which Is just major depression at best, but what comes with that Is Anxiety (which I've always had).