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  1. Personality types are something I have always found intiguing. I've always been the kind of person that looks for reasons behind everything.

    I took this test, and according to the results, I have the INTJ Personality Type.

    What it means to be an INTJ
    In short, INTJs have wild imaginations, but can be very bitter critics. We value our isolation, but the few close friends that we do have by choice are incredibly dear to us. At times we can come off as narcissistic, and we are generally very creative.

    We're also quite rare. Only about 1.2% of males worldwide are estimated to be this type, and only 0.8% of women are estimated to be this type.

    Here are some famous INTJs: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Colin Powell, Vladimir Putin, Christopher Nolan, Ludwig van Beethoven, and Friedrich Nietzsche

    Some fictional INTJs: Walter from Breaking Bad and Gandolf The Grey

    INTJ is an acronym for Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Judging.

    It is pretty cool how accurate this test really is. It can offer you much insight into yourself and how others might perceive you. Check it out and share your results here.

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    2. Tracer


      I'd rather not say. I don't want you to make a long blog detailing how you're going to beat me up or anything.

    3. BluePineapple72



      Although I'm sceptical of the validity of these tests, having one person answers questions about themselves is a bad idea because most people won't answer truthfully, they'll want to answer the questions in terms of the person think they are, no one can truly self evaluate themselves because of ego

      To have a good personality judgement you would need a professional to evaluate this person to come to a conclusion of what personality they have, but even that is a stretch considering these personality types don't seem to be all that close to reality

      Each human has a completely unique personality, they may share traits for what "personality type" they've earned on some website. These things are no where near accurate and it would require thorough testing and a shit load more of personalities to come anywhere close to being anywhere close to place each human in a different group base on personality, even then some people wouldn't fit in to their assigned groups.

      Another thing is that personality isn't static, out personalities are ever evolving and changing base on life experiences and how we are raised

      Although what I said has no factual backing whatsoever as it's just some silly theory posted on the Doomworld Forums Blogs (tm), it is still some food for thought

      Edit: Alas I have found something to prove part of this right! The INTJ personality type seems to have more shares than the most anything else on that site, even though it is the "rarest personality type"

      Another thing to disprove this is what they gave me, the personality type they gave me is dogs hit considering they said that people like me think intelligently and methodically to do things right

      Personally I like to think of myself as an average intelligence person (that may be wrong), but I am not methodical whatsoever, I just throw shit at the wall to see what sticks (sometimes I think I make a plan but if that doesn't work I just start doing shit, I'm also a heavy procrastinator who hates failure, ironic)

    4. kmxexii


      INFJ-A, the advocate. P sure i got this last time too - advocate sounds familiar