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  1. Aside from Doomworld, I am no longer a part of any online social network site. I am going to do this for seven days and see how I feel at the end. If I'm feeling good, then I just won't go back.

    You're all thinking:
    But TraceOfSpades, why are you doing this?

    Simple. I am sick of being addicted to it. It's a very consuming thing for me, and I am sick of it. It takes precious seconds away from my loved ones and from the real world around me. I also hate how invasive it is...the privacy is a joke.

    So I blew away my facebook and my snapchat. I'll post updates here.

    Also...this doesn't mean I won't be on doomworld when I'm bored. I don't see this on the same plane that I see facebook on. This is a more focused site that centers around a hobby.

    Day One

    Not horrible. I find myself instinctively beginning to type "facebook" into the browser though. The boredom will probably set in tonight.

    Day Two

    The boredom never set in. It might be because of the crazy storms we had last night while I was at work that kept me occupied. I'm still not feeling the itch. I have noticed, however, that my phone's battery is lasting much longer.

    Day Three

    Still not missing facebook. I find myself having more in depth in the flesh conversations with those I'm around now.

    Day Four

    Still nothing.

    Day Five

    I'm glad I did this.

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    2. Tracer


      Well I don't know what to tell you. If my responses irritate you that horribly, then you should probably add me to your ignore list. I'd rather you didn't, because I think you're a swell guy. But I'd rather you not be annoyed.

    3. Tracer


      Interesting. I have failed to keep up with the updates here. I never got "the itch", so I filled my newfound time with other things. Simple stuff that has improved my life in small but noticeable ways.

      My personal relationships have improved as have my socializing skills.

      Cleaned the house just because I was bored and it looks great, which has improved the mood of everyone here.

      Opened a savings account (less time at the computer allowed me to think about stuff I have been meaning to do but kept forgetting to do due to my infatuation with the pseudosocialization medium that is facebook)

      I spend more time trying to impress myself than trying to impress others (which has proven to assist me in my various improvement journeys all around)

      All in all...this has been great for me.

    4. Technician


      Social media ruined the internet. That, and the Big Bang Theory.