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  1. In no particular order, I seem to get along with these folks the best:

    nxGangrel, Joe-Ilya, Tritnew, darknation, RUSH, MetroidJunkie, TheNerdTurtle2, Fraggle, 40oz, deadwolves, doomkid, Kontra Kommando, and even though I haven't seen him in ages, SuperCupcakeTactics.

    I'm sure there are others, and sorry if I missed anyone.

    So how about you guys? Who are your doombros?

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    2. Tritnew


      Chezza said:

      Are the Mods fine with the content and comments made on this blog?

      They curtainly weren't fine with my Cyanide and Happiness comic generators, but I shitposted them.

      So, they had the right to do so, basically.

    3. BluePineapple72


      Who's darknation

    4. Tracer


      My friend.