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  1. Years ago I worked at a gas station. My boss and I loved to fuck with the customers. So one day I asked her if I could blow on my whistle as hard as I could whenever I sold one of our cookies. She said sure, not knowing that my whistle was a traffic directors whistle. It was loud as fuck.

    So I get this customer to agree to buy a cookie. When she looks into her purse for her money, I blow the whistle right in her direction. She was so scared she lost her balance and almost fell over. She grabbed her head and looks at me all shocked. I remained stonefaced. Then she says while still holding her head, "DID YOU NOT HEAR THAT?!" To which I responded, "Hear what, ma'am?". "That loud chirp!". I then leaned in, "Ma'am, are you okay?" I whispered. She looked around, and to the dismay of her and myself, nobody else cared enough to react. So she was now convinced that she heard a loud ass sound that nobody else heard. She then said frantically, "Uh yes...I-I'm fine. Have a good day." She left the store looking around like a crazy person probably thinking she had lost her mind.

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    2. HavoX


      Good luck finding a lawyer if and when you get sued for that

    3. Tracer


      No reasonable person in the eyes of the court will convict me for blowing a whistle in close proximity to somebody.

    4. Nuxius


      I made a bunch of fake Doom executables back in the day that would tell the user that access was denied and a password was required. Most would only waste a few minutes trying to get into it before giving up, but I once watched this one doofus who claimed he was a "hacker" (LOL) waste over an hour trying to "hack" into it.