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  1. For years I've been putting off making a readiness kit to keep in the trunk of my car. I have always told myself, "Next paycheck for sure."

    Well, yesterday I finally went ahead and did it. Here is what I have so far:

    In the top:

    •Cotton Swabs


    •Steril gauze
    •Medical Tape
    •Antiseptic Ointment
    •Burn Ointment
    •Fingernail Clippers
    •Batteries for flashlight
    •Mini screwdriver kit
    •Spare phone charger
    •Latex Gloves
    •Duct Tape
    •1 Quarter

    Items to be added:

    •Mini sewing kit
    •Garbage bags
    •Safety Vest
    •Road Flares
    •Can and Bottle Opener
    •Zip ties (Thank you MrGlide)
    •Nonperishable food (Thank you MrGlide)
    •Thermometer (Thank you Deadwolves)
    •Universal Charger (Thank you Deadwolves)
    •Candles (Thank you Technician)
    •Life Straw (Thank you yukib1t)
    •Whistle (Thank you TheCupboard)
    •MREs (Thank you The Cupboard)
    •Bug Repellent (Thank you Fraggle)
    •Whatever else I think of (and write in the notepad)

    Being prepared is important because you never know when an emergency will strike. Do you have a readiness kit in your car or home? If so, what do you have inside?

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    2. fraggle


      Life straw does sound like a good idea. I'd add a small water bottle, bar of Kendall mint cake and a spray bottle of bug repellant. Maybe one of those instant ice packs too.

    3. Jonathan


      1) Healing quartz crystal — Simply waft it over any injury and the crystal will draw out the ill-humors and accelerate the healing process.

      2) Tarot cards — For telling your fortune, and that of others. Definitely a useful skill in a disaster situation.

      3) Astrological chart — Ditto. If clouds of radioactive dust have blotted out the sky, making it impossible to track the position of the constellations, then you can use it as toilet paper.

      4) Divining rods — For finding hidden sources of fresh water.

      5) Crystal ball — For scrying and far-seeing, to help plot a safe course through the wasteland.

      6) Rabbit's foot — You're going to need all the luck you can get to survive. Can be replaced or augmented with a horse shoe or four leaved clover.

    4. Cupboard


      Frozen sperm - In case your groin is severely compromised by an animal's jaw or your body's DNA is affected by radiation, you will need a backup copy of your genetic masterplan.

      A pint of your own blood - better keep a chilled bag of blood mixed laced with morphine. That way you don't have to put two needles in your arm in an emergency situation

      Balloons - in case the authorities search you and things need to be concealed in a creative location, alternatively someone's final birthday may need to be celebrated

      Spanish to English dictionary - you really don't want to accidentally sell yourself into bondage in a post apocalyptic situation when you were really just asking for a can of beans

      Body paint - something tells me it's going to make a fashionable comeback in the next 20 years.