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  1. In an attempt to humanize the members of doomworld, I propose a discussion on things that have been weighing on our minds lately. What's been bugging you? Problems at work or with your significant other? Feeling guiltt about something you want to get off your chest? Let's hear it.

    Lately I have been hating my job. Not the normal shit that makes people bitch about their job. I have actually been stressing about having to come back. I mean literally every week there are new policies being created by our idiotic supervisor (who LOVES displaying his power over his employees) that are literally just more things to keep us busy for the sake of being busy. He also bitches about random shit when everything is going along smoothly just so he can remind everyone he is in charge. Example, yesterday. I used to wear my old safety vest while working inside posts because I felt it made me stick out more and I liked how it looked. It was a normal mesh safety vest, nothing special. Last week I purchased another safety vest. This one looks great. Black nylon with lime trim, several external pockets so I can keep things like my PERC card, ID Badge, flashlight, mini screwdriver set, and bandages handy. I even got my last name embroidered on the front pocket and "security" embroidered on the back. Looks great. Well yesterday he says, "Yeah, you can't wear that inside anymore.". When I asked him why, he goes, "I want my guards to have a more professional look.". So I asked him what looked unprofessional about it. Then he just says, "I'm worried about warehouse management thinking it looks unprofessional.". So I told him how the warehouse management have complimented it and given me nothing but praise for it. Then he just said, "Well you're not allowed to wear it inside anymore."

    Way to just fucking write me off, asshole. Everyone thinks he just felt intimidated because I looked like I outranked him when I wore it.

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    2. MrGlide


      ChekaAgent said:

      Schizophrenics usually behave exactly just like normal people if they take meds, but as soon as they stop taking meds they become homicidal maniacs and serial killers, atleast if you believe in stereotypes..

      it takes awile for the meds to get out of your system, no shcizophrenics do not automatically become maniacs or serial kiilers when off meds, serial killers are completely their own thing, just replace serial killer with "apex sadistic sexual preditor" and thats what they mainly are, The only schizophrenic serial killer I'v heard of was son of sam. mostly we become extremely reclusive and hermitish when the meds get out of our systems.

    3. Tracer


      My anxiety is bad today. I am diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, but am not currently on any medication for it. I was fine all day and then suddenly I wasn't. I have this undeniable feeling of dread. I am certain that something horrible is about to happen to me even though I know there's no reason to believe it. I hate this. I just want to crawl into a hole.

    4. MrGlide


      Oh I can help, this is up my ally. Firt off you need to Take a deep breath n (wile not driving or doing important things.) for 5 - 7 seconds till your lungs are filled, the slowely exhale for 5-7 seconds till out of air. reapeat a few times till it feels easy, then increas intake and out take to 10-12 seconds. Try to focus on one spot with your eyes the whole time, make a game out of it seeing how long you can actually keep your eye on it. And think of only a big square the whole time if you can. As for something bad happining, sometimes we cant trust our gut instinct, It's harder then it sounds weird but we must try to force ourselves to understand, What I know for a fact is, and what I don't know is false till proven otherwise. I'v developed this kind of thinking to battle some pretty delusional thinking.(edit) I had delusions that god was sending me warning messages to not leave the house or I would die, and the apocolips was coming, I beleive in you trace, we can help you through this.