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  1. I came to the realization that I allow my passions (namely law enforcement and sometimes controversial social and political views) to come up in almost all of my conversations on here. The only person that that really negatively impacts is me, because it has screwed me out of otherwise possibly positive interactions with several members here, namely people like PureSlime, Tritnew, Yuki, Dethtoll, and Esselfortium just to name a few.

    I feel that this has also lead to a lot of people not taking even my non politically charged posts seriously.

    This is something I think I can work on. Maybe people don't treat me shitty because of my beliefs, maybe it's because I always seem to find a way to bring them up to a forum of strangers who really don't give a shit and just find me annoying because of it.

    I'll start saving the soapbox for the politicians and my views for people who care to hear them.

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    2. Saturn


      forgive english, i am Russia.

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    3. Avoozl


      Oh this again.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      TimeOfDeath said:

      n,56nmgynmnm ju m

      kjn ' u[n gbrgjbrfbnf
      fnvnflvvnkvbnercvk vck
      v k
      kl vg
      v kbgl vlbg vl v vtl tf
      v fb

      I could sense something unclear here, so I pasted this post into Google Translate...

      just kidding