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  1. I am being 100% honest when I say this.

    Human laziness and dependence on technology has reached the boiling point for me. People don't even want to bother speaking to each other anymore, or even take the time to write a letter to a loved one. Instead, they turn to the emotionless text message or email, all for the sake of ease.

    Humanity has fucked itself with innovation.

    This effort to make life easier has only made us lazier. Not just physically lazier, either. Look at how things like caller ID have turned us all into people who are too lazy to talk to certain people. Thank God we aren't required to have those difficult conversations anymore! Now we can just ignore it, and continue to lose the ability to converse with people we rather wouldn't talk to...making us more socially absent with each ignored call. Or even more modern innovations like Snapchat...limiting the user a ten second period to convey an entire thought. It isn't teaching people to think faster. It's teaching them to think smaller.

    All of the innovations alone are not a problem. They're all just drops in the bucket. But when you take all of the things in life designed to make our lives easier or more convenient, it becomes a pool that we have drowned ourselves in.

    For one year I'd love to see humanity lose their mind without their cell phones, high speed internet connections, automated services...all of it can be tossed in the flames as far as I'm concerned.

    I'd love to see people forced to deal with eachother or do for themselves instead of relying on some machine to do it for them.

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    2. Doominator2


      I agree, I think we would all be much happier if we weren't so dependent on technology.

    3. Chezza


      Camping trips. Gets your desire to be a Hermit out of your system. You choose how much technology you pack. Best with mates.

    4. BigDickBzzrak


      I broke my phone 2,5 months ago and I don't regret it the slightest. Life without a phone is so kick-ass!
      Though, a phone is kinda necessary in 2016, so I might be buying an old Nokia from the early 2000's.
      Technology sucks, basically (quite a hypocritical statement, ain't it?).