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  1. When you're all sitting there and wondering to yourself...how did it come to this? Narcosynthesis...inside four walls my friend they took away your freedom!

    It's okay though man...it's cool. I've filled my cup at a public water fountain before. It wasn't the greatest...but it quenched my thirst adequately enough to get me through the day.

    The sun was high in the sky and the humidity was also high. I was made of sweat and itchy things.

    What would I do without those over there?

    Pfft...you act like you'd even stand a chance at knowing the truth.

    Spiderman, bitches.

    1. Show previous comments  16 more
    2. RUSH


      You seem to be suffering from GoatLord Syndrome. How does it feel?

    3. LittleInferno


      GoatLord Syndrome happens when you smoke too many marijuana

    4. Tracer


      Csonicgo said:

      Someone edit that with the mouth open and shaking like Trace's avatar.

      I second this. Haha