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  1. Thanks to your temporary prohibition of politically charged threads on the site, I learned what the word "moratorium" meant. I had never heard that word used before, so I looked it up. Today at work I had an opportunity to use that word in a conversation and it appeared to make a point I was trying to make sound more convincing to the guy I was engaged in debate with. I assume that because it's a word that isn't considered an "everyday" word to most people, it made me come off as more educated.

    So, tonight I will do a shot for you.

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    2. Tracer


      I asked the question which tore down the curtains that were shielding us from the light of vernacular enlightenment! I helped!

    3. Eris Falling

      Eris Falling

      Mithran Denizen said:

      Wow, I've been putting a hard C in linguica for years now. Maybe I should eat more sausage.

      A custom title if ever I saw one.

    4. TimeOfDeath