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  1. My better half really pulled through.

    I got a couple of kick ass shirts (Slayer and Black Sabbath), The Exorcist novel, Diablo III for PC, Cards Against Humanity, and her parents got me some restaurant gift cards.

    I am pretty stoked about the novel. I saw the film twenty years ago and it horrified me. To this day I can't watch it. So I am excited for the book.

    You get anything cool?

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    2. BigDickBzzrak


      Exorcist scared you? Like the 1973 one? I laughed out loud when I watched it.

    3. Voros


      IDK, Tracey is around 20 years old ATM. So that means he was less then 10, when he watched it. Or even less than 5.

      I remember watching The Return of the Living Dead when I was, what? 5? 6? 7? Meh, less than 10 for sure. It scared the shit out of me, with Tarman being biggest scare at that time.

      Hopefully, I'll watch The Exorcist someday. I'd pretty happy if I got the book like you, Tracey!

    4. Tracer


      ^I'm 26 now. So I was six or seven when my dad tricked me into watching it. "This movie is about a little girl who finds herself in some trouble. Her family tried to help her by taking her to the doctor, but that didn't work. But luckily the family knew a good priest. He ends up being able to help her. It has a happy ending."

      I will let you guys know how the book is. It should be very close to the movie, seeing as it was authored by the same guy that directed it.

      Also...I don't know if it would still scare me or not. I don't remember most of the movie. I really just remember the fear I felt.