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  1. So...instead of making a blog post every time I find something cool, I'll just make updates to this thread.

    The Walmart bargain bin strikes again. For twelve dollars I got The Outsiders and the original three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    Picked up a gamecube today. It came with a connectable LCD Monitor. I only had to pay sixty dollars for it. I am going to pick up Zelda: Windwaker later on today. I'll browse the other gamecube titles while I'm there and see if I find anything worth picking up. I'd love to find Twilight Princess, MGS: Twin Snakes, Luigi's Mansion, Resident Evil, and Soul Calibur 2. I also picked up Kill Bill 1&2, Starship Troopers, and American Psycho.

    12/26/16 update: I also picked up Resident Evil Zero and Splinter Cell.

    A friend of mine had Twilight Princess and Luigi's mansion for the gamecube. Twenty bucks got me both of them. I also found a copy of Smash Brothers Melee in an old dresser in my basement, oddly enough.

    I found seasons one and two of Ren and Stimpy in a collector's box set for ten dollars. All of the episodes are uncut, including the banned episode "Man's Best Friend".

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    2. Tracer


      No offense taken, I can assure you.

    3. geo


      My Walmart had a TMNT 4 pack. $5 for the first 3 live action movies + the animated movie and it was shortly after the animated movie had come out.

      The first movie still stands after all these years. When I was a kid I remember loving the second movie far more, but watching it as an adult it was pretty bad. The third one... just feels like something I don't want to watch. From sewers to ancient Japan.

      TMNT the animated movie I've only seen it once in theaters and I remember it being awesome. One of my cousins had a bad experience seeing the movie in theaters that telling the story would derail this thread.

    4. Tracer


      ^Throw the story in some spoiler tags!