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  1. "Buy American, Hire American".  A good move for the American workforce.

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    2. Tracer


      It is sometimes hard to do that where I live...but absolutely whenever possible, I do.

    3. Nine Inch Heels

      Nine Inch Heels

      Yeah, the thing is you can't just get everything you may want or even need from a local manufacturer or farmer, so there's always some limitation one way or another. Sadly, some people don't even consider looking for local goods, and just "raid" their supermarket of choice in utter disregard as to where the things they buy even come from.


      It's like they say: The consumers are the 99%. So when the market-situation is to be changed for the better, people need to get their asses off the wall and rally around a good idea to make it happen.

    4. Tracer


      If I saw the American people collectively rally behind ANYTHING, I think I'd wake up from the best dream I've ever had.