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  1. Nuclear threats.  Protests.  Baby kittens playing with toys.  Cold and warm fronts.  Weekly forecast.  Exotic food.  Terrorism.  Movie reviews.  More baby animals.  More nuclear threats.  


    That's how the news works and people seriously wonder why people are so emotionally numb or confused.

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    2. 42PercentHealth


      Right. I think the general response is, "What am I, the average citizen, supposed to do about nuclear threats 12000 miles away, protests 2000 miles away, cold and warm fronts about to collide over my head, or terrorism? Ooh -- a new Star Wars movie!"

    3. HavoX


      No wonder my dad doesn't watch Fox News.

    4. ShoDemo


      In my country you hear every day:

      New taxes!!! Check out what you are going to pay!!! Taxes in 20 monthly payments (at least something like that)!!! Especially the elderly though, get to pay most of the taxes and have reductions in the money they receive monthly, even if they earn like 200 euros a month or less (they are always the easy targets).


      And thefts as mentioned above or political speeches full of lies (I can see a politician's face and understand how full of crap and false promises he is). I hate to say that and I like to have hopes and dreams, but the corruption is out of hand.