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  1. So this guy I work with just called me...we don't really talk and he is just letting me know how his vacation is going.  This is fucking weird. 

    1. Tracer


      Oh get the fuck out of here.  He wants me to sign up for some kind of "entrepreneur partnership" that someone suckered him into joining.  When I asked if I had to buy anything, he goes, "Well...uh...let me hand you over to my partner who can tell you more about it."

      Yeah no thanks...I'll just see you at work on Monday.  

    2. Fonze


      Loool but you seem like such a good worker! And you have a great work ethic! Who cares about whether-or-not you're a people person? YOU'D FIT IN GREAT HERE! bring money.

    3. Tracer


      DUDE.  That is almost EXACTLY what he said.  He goes, "I see you working hard at work and I know you take pride in that."

      While that is an accurate statement...the dude works on the OTHER SIDE of the facility.  We literally never see each other in the area I work in.  EVER.