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  1. These guys at work today were bragging about how often they cheat on their wives/girlfriends and how many "hoes" they hooked up with when their wives/girlfriends were away and then began trying to convince me that infidelity is ever excusable; and that if given the chance, I would cheat on my girlfriend.


    One guy even had the nuts to say, "If my girl came up to you dude, and you knew there wasn't not no way that me or your female would find out I know you'd do it, G, on my momma I know you would."  My response: "My girlfriend helped pull me out of a decade long depression where I regretted not dying in my sleep every time I woke up.  What has your girl done for me?  That's why I know I"ll never cheat."  The conversation ended at that point.


    People amaze me.  

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    2. geo


      It clearly says I am a dork.

    3. Doomkid


      I'll never understand why people who are that promiscuous ever get into long-term relationships with another person who wants to be monogamous. People who do that are scumbags, plain and simple. There are plenty of easy fucks out there, no reason to break another persons heart and hurt them that deeply just to get your rocks off.

    4. Tracer


      People like that are cavemen who constantly think with their dicks.  A true dsgrace to the human race.