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  1. So many people, especially around my age, have a problem with societal norms.  Funny...for hating norms, they sure are trying hard to have their lifestyles become accepted as a norm.

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    2. an_mutt


      I can't believe I feel the need to explain what "norms" are but basically, yeah: norms are Normalities. The ideas or ways of existing that are the average/typical ideas or ways of existing in society. Norms inherently aren't a negative thing. They also aren't some abstract idea that people would maybe like to have, or not have, like fun, or boredom. In fact, they have to exist in societies - every society has an average state of representation. Nobody with a functioning brain wishes for the "eradication of norms" (unless they're literally a Nihilist), they want for the norms of a society to not endanger people in marginalized groups. What we want to change is the attitude of normalized society, which tries to ignore and deny the fact that people/cultures/etc. who aren't the norm are repressed or suffer from violence being inflicted upon them.


      People don't want to "eradicate" norms. They want to get rid of the toxic ideology of maintaining specific normalities that cause movements like All Lives Matter, Men's Rights Advocacy, or "trans people want to rape your children in bathrooms and we must destroy them" to persist in today's society.

    3. Tracer


      Dew: And you're opinion means as much to me today as it did last time you had an opinion.


      AnMutt: Much agreed.  Violence against people because they have a different viewpoint is absolutely horrific and should be stopped.  I support that.

    4. Tracer


      Whoops.  "You're" should have been "your."