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  1. New diet is doing it's job.  Down two inches in my waistline today.  Feeling good!

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    2. Tracer


      Battle Kirby: I try to keep it high protein (grilled chicken or steak typically) with hot peppers.  I'll scramble up some eggs and throw all of it onto a corn tortilla.  Great stuff.


      Rush: Precisely.  

    3. Fonze


      I'm a bit confused as to the approach of this, typically health specialists, doctors, and even bodybuilders (who have to cut their body fat to potentially unhealthy levels) recommend eating many, small meals throughout the day for tons of reasons, including keeping your metabolism actively working and being able to absorb the nutrients you ingest (as diffusion rates have their caps)... I see this diet producing substantial effects in the beginning, but I have to wonder its long term effects, considering its approach is basically to starve yourself for most of the day. Just be safe.

    4. Tracer


      Will do man.  I appreciate the concern, truly.  This is supposed to emulate a more primitive eating pattern.