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  1. Gun Free Zones deter criminals from committing gun related crime in certain areas the same way that drug laws deter drug dealers from selling drugs.


    Oh wait...criminals don't concern themselves with laws.  Whoops.


    Before it is stated...no, drug laws should not be done away with because "people will do them anyway."  I have heard that counter argument and it is not the same in my eyes, because selling drugs is protecting nobody while a law abiding gun owner who is concealing a firearm for personal protection is hurting nobody except whoever is intending to kill or severely injure somebody.


    When faced with imminent death at the hands of a weapon wielding maniac...I would rather rely on myself than the response time of a police officer.  

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    2. Tracer


      Rehel, I also don't understand how you have the capacity to pass that kind of judgment on me...you really don't know me at all.  I respect your opinion, but I guess I am curious as to why.

    3. Tracer


      You are making fair arguments and I respect your right to disagree and not arm yourself.

    4. rehelekretep


      what judgement?

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