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  1. I really love to draw! I bet, and hope, that I am not the only one here who has this hobby. So let's treat this thread like our own little doomworld portfolio. Share your work, doom related or not! Here's one I did from The Wall. Please put your work in spoiler tags to keep the thread looking neat. Let's keep this thread alive, guys!
  2. Just for fun and community strengthening...let's share some random facts about ourselves. Here's one about me. I prefer hot green tea with honey over coffee in the morning.
  3. If you uploaded your own avatar, what is it and why did you choose it? Mine is the baby off of the cover of the black sabbath album "Born Again". I found the original baby picture used for the album and edited it myself to be similar to the album cover. So really I just redid the same editing to give it a high definition look.
  4. Tracer

    Let's Be Revealing

    Please answer the following. Let's see how much we all have in common. Favorite Movie Genre: Horror Favorite Food: Sushi, especially eel. Favorite Holiday: Halloween Favorite Memory: The first time I played Majora's Mask at Target. It was in a demo booth and I remember being so excited to have a new Zelda game to play. Worst Memory: My family breaking apart. Age: 26 Favorite Outfit: My black jeans, boots, and horned skull Slayer shirt. Had to change my answer. I like wearing my black button up shirt (it's an old uniform shirt that I removed the patches from, so it's got the chest pockets, shoulder radio straps, and very pristine collar...you know, typical rentacop shit), a white tee shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a black belt held together with my DOOM belt buckle! Favorite Genre Of Music: Heavy Metal (excluding power, drone, and most nu. My top three subgenres are Thrash, Doom, and Groove) Most Hated Genre of Music: EDM Left Handed or Right Handed: Left Worst Injury: Large area of exposed skull sustained in a car wreck due to falling asleep while driving. Favorite Hobby: Shooting Range Your Definition of Success: Being in debt to no one and answering only to who you decide to. In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Yes
  5. After trying to discuss various things in The Metal / Rock Music Fans thread only to be met with a barrage of videos, I figured I'd make a new thread dedicated to the discussion of rock and metal music rather than people just posting youtube videos hoping that somebody will watch it, quote them, and say they like it. •NO videos (unless it is absolutely necessary) •NO bashing someone else's musical tastes •If it makes you want to bang your head, discuss it!
  6. 1. The Marine Armor, particularly the helmet, should have been more like the original. 2. The imps should have had spikes protruding from their body. 3. The cacodemons should have been more like the original. Hell, at least a red colored skin with ONE glowing green eye and some horns...that would have been fine. 4. I wish the pinkies were 100% organic. Other than that, I liked the design and behavior. They remind of demonic bulls or bears. I just felt that the bionic legs were stupid. 5. I don't like how imps always have to have a grand entrance. Either they're slowly crawling out of the ceilings, floors, or walls, or they're teleporting in after you hear the whispering. No shock factor for the most part. 6. The Soul Cube...get rid of it. I hate that you can't kill the cyberdemon with conventional weaponry. 7. Hell Knights should have had horns and goat legs. The Hell Knight in the game, however, should have been a new monster. 8. The game should have had barons. 9. The archvile is a bitch in Doom 3. Two shots from the SSG should not take him out. Also, why is he so thick? I want the creepy anorexic bastard that moves around the map like a rabid Lars Ulrich on stage back in 93 when he was allowed to do vocals on Am I Evil. 10. The lost souls are not flying flaming skulls. This is a problem. 11. No arachnotrons?! No mastermind?! WHY?! Don't let this suggest that I don't enjoy doom³, because I do. I just think it could have been done better. It doesn't feel like doom. It feels like resident evil in space, which isn't a bad thing. It's just not a doom thing. Anybody wish to add to this list?
  7. Just for fun, let's try and see which U.S. Region has the most doomworld members.
  8. So I was wondering...what is the funniest thing you have ever seen? For me, it was this dumb dream I had about Duke Nukem. There was a press conference being held in honor of Duke saving the world again. There was this nerdy newscaster speaking into a microphone. Warning, there is some NSFW content:
  9. Tracer

    Doom: Gore Prisons

    Gore Prisons is an anagram for progression, which fits the theme of this mapset. I want to create a seventeen map wad that follows the following rules for each map: Management Tracer will be leading this project from Doomer.Boards, and Czechmate29200 will be assisting Tracer with leadership at the idsoftworld forums. The doomworld New Leader Caesar: nxGangGirl Specifications NON Limit removing. Format: In doombuilder...zdoom (doom in doom format) Custom music: Yes Texture Packs: cc4-tex.wad Maps and Rules
  10. Tobe Hooper, best known for directing the legendary film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the granddaddy of slasher horror, origin of the almighty Leatherface, has died at the age of 74. Rest in peace, Mr. Hooper. You were the director of my all time favorite film, and the one that gave me my first gory nightmare. Read the article.
  11. We can all share a random fact about ourselves. But a lot of them seem to make sense...what about the facts that don't seem to make sense? For example...everyone knows I love metal music. So if I share that some obscure band like Om or Coffinworm are favorites of mine, nobody will be that surprised. But what if I were to tell you that I also love the sound of bagpipes, and furthermore, that the song Amazing Grace performed on the bagpipes makes me shed a tear every time I hear it without failure?
  12. In the event of a socioeconomic ending on a global scale, what would you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses? Would you be a static establishment kind of person, or a mobile survivalist type? I would try to build an encampment near a water source and fertile land. My Strengths: I am knowledgeable in first aid, observant, strict, and strategic. I would be best suited as some kind of defense coordinator or some security head for whatever group of people I was with. I would (ideally) ensure that we had well trained and well armed patrols around the clock on our perimeter and a team to go out with our scavengers (these people would have strengths in hunting, trapping, or materials salvaging). I would also look for holes in our security measures to ensure the safety of our inhabitants. We would do head checks in the morning and at night. Newcomers would be welcomed if they had a skillset to offer, but closely observed for some time before they were trusted. People with nothing to offer that is needed would be be allowed to bunk with us in exchange for resources. If they had no resources to offer, they would be told to keep moving. Children are an exception to this rule and would be allowed to join us as long as they were able to be taught a skill that is needed. My weaknesses: I would not be good for farming or food gathering. I have the opposite of a green thumb and have very little knowledge of plant identification when it comes to what is safe or poisonous. I also would not be well suited for building structures.
  13. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    This works.
  14. Guitar riffs are what legendary bands are made of. What are some of your favorites? Let's get a riff-fest going. Spoiler alert, I am going to share a Black Sabbath video. That probably comes as a shock to many of you. The main riff to this song is extra awesome sounding live.
  15. Tracer

    Favorite Guitar Riff fest!

    Fucking flareguns, am I right?
  16. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    Alright, dew.
  17. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    I wasn't discussing Die Hard (that would be a silly thing for me to do since I have never seen it all the way through). I was discussing the proposed FPS with wildweasel before you did what you usually do, which is interject in someone else's conversation with little more to offer except snide comments and rudeness.
  18. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    I hope his name is Bongo and that he wears a tuxedo.
  19. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    I am confused as to why your guy would be shoeless in the restroom at the start. It seems like that would be the last place one would not be wearing shoes. But the rest sounds great.
  20. Tracer

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    That's fine, haha. The whole point of this thread was just to see what other people would do. If you want to be an altruistic nomad, then be the best damned altruistic nomad you can be. Me telling people that have an important role in my clan is just my way of saying that they are valuable.
  21. Tracer

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    You would have an important role in my clan based on your listed skillsets. Your altruism toward outsiders and forgiveness for people who deliberately screw up, however, would be seen as a weakness and would have to be put in check. Children are the exception to the rule when it comes to bringing in new people, as they can be trained now and utilized later, making them a great asset.
  22. Tracer

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    Joshmon: Every clan needs a mechanically savvy member. I'd take you in and offer my protection against larger framed individuals. Czechmate: Probably not. But someone who is computer savvy probably has other mental skillsets that could prove beneficial. You know how computers think, which means you know how to separate emotions from decisions. That is an invaluable asset in survival situations.
  23. Tracer

    Strengths and Weaknesses In The End Times

    You can join my team as a food provider. I'll make sure you aren't killed by nomads or other clans.
  24. Tracer

    Your perfect FPS

    Like what?
  25. Leatherface or Chaingunner...these are my two ideal choices for a costume this year for my buddy's annual Halloween party.  


    If I do leatherface, it will probably be some kind of hybrid between Hansen's and Bryniarksi's Leatherface.  If I do this, it will be scary and pretty identifiable.


    If I do the chaingunner, it would be cool but not identifiable outside of people familiar with Doom II.  


    Decisions, decisions...