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  1. Ded10c

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    Perdition's Gate is great once you strip it down and pull out all the obviously non-Doom stuff... Hell to Pay, not so much. It's a shame it didn't make the deadline for Final Doom.
  2. Ded10c

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    I realised that when I wrote it, but at the time I was at a loss for a better wording. Thanks for clearing my mess up, gents.
  3. Ded10c

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    We can't legally distribute id's resources (maps, textures, and so on) because the PC Doom games are still being sold (this is why the Doom 1 PK3 above requires the Doom 2 iwad). Midway's versions are not still being sold, so using resources from there is another story.
  4. Ded10c

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    Try this. It contains the two PK3s I mentioned earlier that will insert the Console Doom levels in the right places for ZDoom. Might work for other ports as well, but it's untested.
  5. Ded10c

    Best way to play PSX Doom?

    I have two PK3s that streamline the console levels into the correct places in the original level order. In Doom, Sewers is added as a secret level accessible from Hangar; Hell Gate and Keep are added as the second and third levels of Inferno; and Twilight Descends, The Marshes and Threshold of Pain are all after Unto The Cruel. I also added the SNES secret exit to Refinery, though it still leads to Deimos Lab. Doom II has the secret levels Betray, The Mansion and Club Doom accessible from Underhalls, The Suburbs and The Mansion respectively; and Redemption Denied immediately before Icon of Sin. I'll upload them when I get home tomorrow evening.
  6. Ded10c

    Some alpha/beta stuff

    They may not all exist - depending on the extent of the changes they make it's not unusual for developers to miss one. For all we know the thought process behind using 0.99 could have been "Well, we don't want to give 1.0 away for nothing, so let's call this 0.99" or "It's not final, but it's good enough to release... if we need to make any fixes we can lump them into the paid version, let's just get this out of the door fist". I imagine the news of other existing alphas comes from Mr. Romero. Most of the lost id stuff seems to. If I'd known that when I e-mailed him about Methods of Destruction I might not have been so surprised when he gave me a copy :P
  7. Ded10c

    does doom 64 really take place in hell?

    The design is set up to imply that the teleporter at the end of Final Outpost leads to Hell. Where the rest of the game takes place is unclear - all we know is that it's somewhere Hell had attacked before and been beaten back, not necessarily by the same protagonist, that was irradiated to kill off stragglers. The game never says explicitly and it's been debated whether it's Phobos or Mars. There isn't conclusive evidence for either, but Mars looks like it's the most widely accepted.
  8. Ded10c

    Did you like Doom RPG?

    I've played it using KEmulator and the Nokia Symbian emulator (though unfortunately I couldn't find the Symbian version to use with the emulator). For Android, you should be able to get it to work with Netmite's J2ME Runner. I haven't yet, but I managed to get the Wolfenstein RPG working with it. All that's left is finding a way of playing the sequel.
  9. Ded10c

    Some alpha/beta stuff

    Almost makes me wish I was half-decent at Doom editing myself. I can knock out a decent UE4 level in half an hour, but SLADE takes me a while longer. It's maintaining the same level of quality with the limited textures and 2.5D engine that causes me trouble. Studying game design is all well and good, but the theory is not designed for back-porting. Labyrinthine levels like DOOM's are considered a cardinal sin a lot of the time, which is a damn shame; there's a lost art to fitting so much in such a small space. Still, throw a red door in there - maybe just before those last two rooms, where Xaser's remake had the panel that closed behind you - and a few triggers for the monster closets at, say, the pool room's entrance and the red key's sector and you'd be well away. Please excuse my enthusiasm. This is one of the last official-ish Doom levels that I've never seen a playable version of. It'd be fun to have.
  10. Ded10c

    Some alpha/beta stuff

    That's pretty close to the attempt I had, but the three diagonal monster slots (not entirely sure it's big enough to be a closet) were making my life difficult. What are you thinking for the gameplay? I think it might benefit from a key at the other end of the monster-slot corridor in order to justify the divergent paths. Secret sectors on the metal-floored part of the hellish lava cave and that little nook off the south-central room, perhaps?
  11. Ded10c

    conversions of Xbox exclusive maps

    Most definitely. I started making mods for Battlezone and now I'm reading Gameplay Design and Production at university. Anyhow, long-time lurker registered to say that he made a pair of wads that do exactly what you're looking for about two years ago and released them over on the ZDoom forums: http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=36600 These are obsolete now as I've just finished compiling a pair of PK3s that insert the maps into the correct places in both games (thanks, Gez, for your help with SLADE the other day), but I figured you'd appreciate these.