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  1. Kaiowas

    About ZDoom -

    Will ZDoom run on Win2K??
  2. Kaiowas

    New to FreeDoom -

    Howdy all. I was lookin' at the site and wuz wonderin' if you can play a port using only what Freedoom's got now - without doom/doom2.wad.
  3. Kaiowas

    New TC!!

    Hey, Fredrik, tell us what you would expect from a job well done on a project like this.
  4. Kaiowas

    Problem inserting new graphic.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to do that. I'll send a frame on over. I'm using Dmgraph v1.1. It's several years old. Do the weapon frames count as sprites? I tried putting them into a pwad, but it wouldn't even make the pwad!
  5. Kaiowas

    Raining Doom

    My Gawwwd - I just HAVE to reply to this... THIS IS INSANE!!!!!!! Every time I come back to Doomworld, there's even more features!!!! If you guys don't quit makin' shit up, I'll NEVER get done with my mod!!!!! Oh, God...my mod is gonna be the best TC ever. My God. Rain. RAIN of all things!!!! That would add a completely new atmosphere to the game! I don't remember seeing rain in ANY other FPS, although I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before. Maybe Blood?? Oh! I just thought of something. If you're game is generally inside, you could fake outside rain by comming up with a texture for a window and scroll it or rotate the .gifs around. Then, you'd have your rain, and not worry about system resources or comming up with new code or Scripts.
  6. Kaiowas

    Problem inserting new graphic.

    I'm using DMgraph v1.1 on the Doom2 v1.9 wad. Would that make a difference? Is it just not fully compatible? I've tried changing the offset values, but it doesn't do anything...
  7. Kaiowas

    Problem inserting new graphic.

    Thanx for the advice! 1. Nah, it's not ZDoom. I went in with the Doom2.exe and it did the same thing. 2. Ok, I used DMgraph. And this version is maybe 5 yrs old. I don't know of a newer version. But I thought that it automatically set offsets to zero. I guess I'll have to use Wintex. 3. Now the pallette problem. I don't have PSPro, but I do have MGI Photosuite. Where do I go to change the pallette? I've never done that before. 4. AH! Another question... I need to put my sprites in a pwad. Can you guys tell me how to do this? I forgot.
  8. Kaiowas

    Raining Doom

    Lut - what kind of computer did you run it on?
  9. Okee. Got a new weapon pic i'm putting in. What I'm trying to do is kinda tricky and complicated, so I'll just give you the basics. I was inspired by Justin Fischer's Aliens TC. He put in that utility beast machine as a weapon. The pic was exactly 320x200. Two things are wrong: the pic I put in was the same size, yet in Black and White and waaay off-set. What I did was took a screen-grab off a DVD. Made it 320x200, and simply replaced the image. What did I do wrong?
  10. Kaiowas

    Raining Doom

    That would be excellent! You could have a level called Raining Blood and have Slayer as the soundtrack. Yeah, that would be pretty nifty!
  11. Kaiowas

    Doom2's source code.

    Thanks for all your help! ...now, if I could just find out how to get chicks...
  12. Well, this is the deal: All I did was take a Quake2 3D model and use screenshots. Doom only needed certain frames from it, so I averaged them out the best I could. The pods are actually supposed to be able to fly in the show, which I want to fix later. Think of them as AT-AT rip-offs. I do! ^_^ Now, later on, when ZDoomGL becomes more stable, I'm going to put in 3D models and the whole bit. But the intent of the game is to look like a cartoon, which can't really be done with newer 3D engines. My goal is to make the mod just like watching the show. In fact, I'm hoping to have another download available this afternoon that will replace the graphics for the gatling gun. This will give you a good idea of what I'm shooting for. - Hey, sprites can be put into their own .wad now, right?
  13. Kaiowas

    Doom2's source code.

    Well, how much, (if anything), is missing from the "source ports" like ZDoom? Is the original executable still required? I had heard that you only need the .wad that you wanted to play.
  14. Kaiowas

    Doom2's source code.

    Then, why did he say that modifying the doom.exe source is illegal?
  15. Kaiowas

    Doom2's source code.

    are all these "source ports" legal? Didn't they have to modify the original to get what they wanted?