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  1. PlayfulPuppy

    Mysticism + Doom 3 = ?

    To everyone who hates organic weapons: There was some sort of Satanic Meat Laser in Doom 64. It was horrid.
  2. PlayfulPuppy

    New D3 shot! (Scan)

    *me scoffs at people who said Doom 3 wont have outdoor areas*
  3. PlayfulPuppy

    Interesting New Preview of Doom 3

  4. PlayfulPuppy

    DAMN - I can't wait for Doom3

    Pre-ordered from where?
  5. PlayfulPuppy

    World Tech Tribune on L33t haX0r skillz

    Carmack posted about his robust Inverse Volumetric Shadow technique the second he worked it out. :) He's got a fairly large write-up on NVidias site somewhere, right next to the paper from 1979 displaying the theory of Volumetric Lighting. :)
  6. PlayfulPuppy

    max and lighwave

    But didn't you say it also supported ASE?
  7. PlayfulPuppy

    World Tech Tribune on L33t haX0r skillz

    Guh, Captain Obvious teams up with Oblivious boy to bring you this load of both obvious and ill-informed rubbish. While I agree on the anti-piracy stance, this guy is throwing the whole D3Alpha topic out of proportion. Using less proper english, he was more or less saying "OMFG! NOW EVRY1 WILL STEEL DOOMS TECH!", but that isn't true at all. Who the hell would bother reverse-engineering a program that's using tech that's been out for some while? DOT3 Bumpmapping? NVidia has tutorials freely available for it! Volumetric shadows? That's even been done in a game before! No right-minded developer would BOTHER reverse engineering it. As for the rant about GPL, I have no idea what that was about... I didn't see any source code, did you? Who the hell would think it's even vaugly mistakable as GPLed software? The Alpha wont harm Id much, although I can understand why they'd be pissed off. It's only a small section of the game, and if Id are planning anything revolutionary, then it wasn't shown in here. It does not create problems, but concerns. And for the record, this guy should brush up on his math. If piracy consumed a reported $3.2 billion, then the game industry did NOT "make half the money it was supposed to"... a reported $6.3 billion. It made 2/3's.
  8. PlayfulPuppy

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    dsm - I thought you were the 'Hear no alpha, See no Alpha' types? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  9. PlayfulPuppy

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    You have to draw this 'bloodmap'... that takes time. Not to mention, the main problem isn't speed, but memory. 'Bloodmaps' would only make that matter worse.
  10. PlayfulPuppy

    max and lighwave

    I'm not understanding the question... if you dont have Lightwave, and Doom 3 supports ASE (Which is an already supported filetype by MAX), why in gods name do you want to load a LWO?
  11. PlayfulPuppy

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    Making blood stay forever is unreasonable and would make the game unstable. People think it's an easy task, but then would complain when their systems crash after the memory limit has been reached.
  12. PlayfulPuppy

    What should stay, what should go? ::MAJOR SPOILERS::

    I was more talking about them doing respawning in other games (NOLF2, Project IGI... GAH!). But the Zombies come back to life after a while... sometimes you have to 'kill' them 3-4 times before they stay down.
  13. IF YOU DONT WANT TO LEARN ANYTHING ABOUT THE ALPHA, DO NOT READ THIS In the final version, what do you think should stay from the alpha, and what should go? DEATH ANIMATIONS At the end of the alpha where you get eaten by the Hellknight, I hope we see more of these! I'm hoping Id didn't just put that in for a 'coolness factor' with the E3 demo, I hope they happen more often. :) SHOTGUN RELOAD The reload sound should SERIOUSLY be beefed up... I mean, come on! It's just a 'click-click' sound at the moment. :P I LIVE AGAIN! The Zombies getting back up is probably THE most annoying thing next to respawn points in games. In Quake 1 it wasn't so much of a problem, because you were always armed to the teeth with high-explosives, but if you're down to only a few pistol shots and all the enemies keep re-animating, it's going to get HELLA annoying! What about you guys, what are your opinions?
  14. PlayfulPuppy

    :: Question concerning D3's preloading setup...

    Just type one of these into the console: map e3\e3_1 map e3\e3_2 map e3\e3_3 Hope it works, good luck!
  15. PlayfulPuppy

    :: Question concerning D3's preloading setup...

    No, Mr Antisocial... it means that he has to load the maps seperatly from the console.