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  1. Arctangent

    Commissioning mods?

    I don't think being known by how easy it is to exploit you makes any sort of sense. also "paying with recognition" is something that morally obliges everyone else to point and laugh at you, then run you out of town
  2. Arctangent

    Drifting DoomGuy

    Alternatively, you can just walk - it takes less time to decelerate if you're moving slower, after all. If that's still too loose for you, using a joystick or a gamepad with analog directional input will allow for even slower movement, or if you want to stick to a keyboard, crouching while walking is the slowest you can go with digital input.
  3. Arctangent

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    At first it was Yanny, then it flunctuated between Yarry and Yaurel until it settled on Yaurel. Doesn't really seem to me like it could shift to starting with an L sound, though, at least not with my ears. ... Also, honestly, I found the voice kinda creepy.
  4. but i'm not i've been saying you were pretty blatantly thinking that everything everyone was saying to him was aimed at you, thus putting words into their mouths while claiming they were doing the same to you
  5. one your replies targeted at no one in particular, in the context of thinking that people were saying you didn't like difficult maps and that they were putting words in your mouth, after someone else entirely just said they don't like difficult maps
  6. but you've yourself diverted the flow of the topic to focus on yourself just because you couldn't be bothered to realize that the past several pages have been about spd's opinions, not your's
  7. do you get your custom title from always thinking the spotlight's on you or something
  8. y'might want to read your own topic because this clearly shows you haven't been doing so
  9. Arctangent

    Zdoom Friendly mods, Something that is dead?

    Yes, outdated software tends to run better on outdated hardware than up-to-date software does, unless said outdated software has massive optimization issues that a latter version fixes.
  10. Arctangent

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Are you implying that there is not a single movie studio, movie label, or novel publisher that has one sold a product that isn't high quality and not a blatant cash grab? Because if so ... where the hell in the world do you live, to never have encountered anything that so much hinted at the opposite? Candy Land?
  11. Arctangent

    Zdoom Friendly mods, Something that is dead?

    You've got that completely backwards. If you yourself weren't bound to a computer that can't run GZDoom, would you restrict yourself to outdated software ( which does effect modding, what with the rate that GZDoom and previously ZDoom add new modding features ) just for a minority on outdated hardware? That's pretty damn inane when most of your audience is perfectly capable of running your mods without issue, especially since it can take a lot of work and messy coding to downgrade something to something as dated as the last ZDoom version. Hell, it might not even be possible without significant sacrifices.
  12. Arctangent

    What if Classic Doom had permadeath?

    If they had it in Doom 1 and wanted to keep it in Doom 2, I'd imagine the text screens would act like checkpoints, where instead of losing your progress entirely, you'd just be forced to restart the level after the last text screen with a pistol start. I mean, the text screens are seemingly there for the same reason they were included in Doom 1, just with the added benefit of being able to continue directly after one instead of having to go the New Game and select the next episode. More importantly, though, as you hinted at going from 8-9 map permadeath sessions to a 30 map one would just be such an extreme change in what the mode would mean, so giving more meaning to the "episodes" of Doom 2 for this purpose would make a lot of sense to prevent the whole mode from being overwhelming.
  13. I think in this case it's more like playing any difficulty mode while being completely unable to hit anything with your guns, even the hitscan ones.
  14. You could always, y'know just say "yeah I'm good" halfway through and do something else at that point.
  15. have you like not actually interacted with anything new since 1999 like I'm not even sure if you've bought food since 1999 since that would entail you realizing that prices have risen due to inflation, much less the prices of many other things rising and falling due to politics and technological advancement also til that dota had codified and popularized the moba genre 5 years before it was even created, now that's impressive
  16. Everyone who enjoys a good slaughtermap, which includes quite a few people on Doomworld. Okay, but why though? y e e e e s h
  17. I'm not sure why you're on a forum about video games when you consider playing a video game for 20 minutes a loss of 20 minutes. Seems like your priorities are pretty twisted. Yes, I'm sure you're being so respectful in the first place by pissing all over others' hobbies and interests and treating people as if they're some rare breed of horse. Why, why would anyone lack respect for someone like you? It's inconceivable.
  18. Arctangent

    Shellspam DM

    Download here. The handful of multiplayer maps that got tossed out here recently reminded me of this little pack of 9 ( and one incomplete ) "oldschool" DM / duel speedmaps I made ... cripes, it's been three years at this point apparently, and I decided that it's worthwhile enough to left the world see as opposed to just letting it rot on my harddrive. They were all made in various 24-hour sessions of no real structure and that I never actually kept track of the dates, so ... yeah. Forewarning: most of these maps haven't been tested in actual PvP, and the few that were were tested only barely. That said, just going back and running around 'em tells me they're some of these aren't great, even without actually spamming a single shell. A chunk are pretty experimental and gimmicky, too. All that said, and that's just about the gameplay, without even starting on the aesthetic of some of these things. Still, I don't think any of them are absolute trash, some of 'em might actually be decent, and hey, maybe some of their concepts will inspire future, less messily crafted maps. Screenshots: Credits and maplist:
  19. Arctangent

    Random spawn script is not random

    No idea how you managed it or how to fix it, but it sounds like you've got GZDoom to use a static seed, thus you'll get the exact same random results as long as nothing else interferes with the RNG that ACS uses. That's assuming you are using GZDoom, anyway. If you're using a port that both supports ACS and uses the vanilla Doom RNG, then a static seed is expected and the only thing you can do is make sure the player sees some action before using random(), so stuff like pre-placed monsters and the player's weapons can forward the RNG.
  20. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Y'know, this just made me realize that not only is that an awful proverb, but it doesn't even apply to the situation. We're not talking about me not wanting to interact with your workplace grandma because she wears ugly dresses, we're talking about me not wanting to interact with your workplace grandma because she spewed some vile shit out of her mouth. That is an action. She not only thought a terrible opinion - which, hey, we all get intrusive thoughts sometime, that in and of itself isn't bad - but chose to express it. You've been making this whole dichotomy between opinions and actions, when we're talking about a person who is making vile actions anyway. I mean, look at it this way: if you have an opinion but never act on it, then even if you want to strip the flesh of every human and turn them into tortured monstrosities whose very existence is pain, nobody will ever be affected by it. To drop Godwin's law, Hitler would be remembered far differently if he kept his hatred as just a private conversation piece, and he'd be remember even differently than that if he never spoke of or acted upon it at all. But he did, and now we have one of the most terrible incidents we've faced as a species forever staining our history.
  21. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I mean, that's an absolutely terrible proverb. Ignoring the whole "the cover says this is a sci-fi book, I don't want to read a sci-fi" book thing, which in my case is "this person seems to be a sexist, homophobic prick, I don't want to deal with sexist, homophobic pricks," there's the whole point where the entire point of a cover is to give potential readers an idea of the tone and subject of a book to grab their interest, so if the author puts no effort into it, why should I put any effort into giving the book a chance when the number of alternatives exceeds what's possible for one human to read in their entire life?
  22. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I think the analogy that wasn't even aimed at you resonated a bit too much with you, considering that's the only way I can see what response even being related to what I said. Good to know there's people on here would defend those that think I should be taken to a straight camp, I guess. But hey, I guess I'm the bad guy here for not wanting to risk psychological torture in a place that absolutely loathes my very existence when people plainly say that's what I deserve, eh?
  23. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Immediate question: are you someone actually in the firing range of those opinions, or are you just taking the stance that I should just give people that want to flay me over a cross a chance?
  24. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I mean, it goes without saying that there's probably some people who wave around the Confederate flag who are actually pleasant, non-bigoted people, but that still doesn't change the fact that they're the exception, and that you really don't need to bother risking interaction with someone like that because chances are, they're going to be spewing all sorts of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. if you stick around them for longer than a minute. If it's the flag you want to wave around, you're just going to have to face the fact that you're going to be associated with that for the likely decades or centuries it takes to remove that association, especially since ... One thing you might be forgetting to factor in is that gamers != people who play games. Gamer is a self-applied title, not one you're given just if you play video games. A pretty prideful one in most cases, actually, given the whole tone of the classical "hardcore gamer vs. causal gamer" debate where these "casual gamers" always seem to be spoken as if they are abominations upon the world that should either be "converted" or wiped clean. The gaming community still has a depressing amount of toxicity spread around - seriously, it really isn't some sort of vocal minority, if you're thinking of just the folks who scream over mic in Call of Duty then that's not even the tip of the iceberg they're so insignificant in the grand scheme of games - but someone they're insisting that they're a gamer is basically a big ol' Confederate flag on top of that.