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  1. Arctangent

    Random spawn script is not random

    No idea how you managed it or how to fix it, but it sounds like you've got GZDoom to use a static seed, thus you'll get the exact same random results as long as nothing else interferes with the RNG that ACS uses. That's assuming you are using GZDoom, anyway. If you're using a port that both supports ACS and uses the vanilla Doom RNG, then a static seed is expected and the only thing you can do is make sure the player sees some action before using random(), so stuff like pre-placed monsters and the player's weapons can forward the RNG.
  2. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Y'know, this just made me realize that not only is that an awful proverb, but it doesn't even apply to the situation. We're not talking about me not wanting to interact with your workplace grandma because she wears ugly dresses, we're talking about me not wanting to interact with your workplace grandma because she spewed some vile shit out of her mouth. That is an action. She not only thought a terrible opinion - which, hey, we all get intrusive thoughts sometime, that in and of itself isn't bad - but chose to express it. You've been making this whole dichotomy between opinions and actions, when we're talking about a person who is making vile actions anyway. I mean, look at it this way: if you have an opinion but never act on it, then even if you want to strip the flesh of every human and turn them into tortured monstrosities whose very existence is pain, nobody will ever be affected by it. To drop Godwin's law, Hitler would be remembered far differently if he kept his hatred as just a private conversation piece, and he'd be remember even differently than that if he never spoke of or acted upon it at all. But he did, and now we have one of the most terrible incidents we've faced as a species forever staining our history.
  3. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I mean, that's an absolutely terrible proverb. Ignoring the whole "the cover says this is a sci-fi book, I don't want to read a sci-fi" book thing, which in my case is "this person seems to be a sexist, homophobic prick, I don't want to deal with sexist, homophobic pricks," there's the whole point where the entire point of a cover is to give potential readers an idea of the tone and subject of a book to grab their interest, so if the author puts no effort into it, why should I put any effort into giving the book a chance when the number of alternatives exceeds what's possible for one human to read in their entire life?
  4. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I think the analogy that wasn't even aimed at you resonated a bit too much with you, considering that's the only way I can see what response even being related to what I said. Good to know there's people on here would defend those that think I should be taken to a straight camp, I guess. But hey, I guess I'm the bad guy here for not wanting to risk psychological torture in a place that absolutely loathes my very existence when people plainly say that's what I deserve, eh?
  5. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Immediate question: are you someone actually in the firing range of those opinions, or are you just taking the stance that I should just give people that want to flay me over a cross a chance?
  6. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I mean, it goes without saying that there's probably some people who wave around the Confederate flag who are actually pleasant, non-bigoted people, but that still doesn't change the fact that they're the exception, and that you really don't need to bother risking interaction with someone like that because chances are, they're going to be spewing all sorts of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. if you stick around them for longer than a minute. If it's the flag you want to wave around, you're just going to have to face the fact that you're going to be associated with that for the likely decades or centuries it takes to remove that association, especially since ... One thing you might be forgetting to factor in is that gamers != people who play games. Gamer is a self-applied title, not one you're given just if you play video games. A pretty prideful one in most cases, actually, given the whole tone of the classical "hardcore gamer vs. causal gamer" debate where these "casual gamers" always seem to be spoken as if they are abominations upon the world that should either be "converted" or wiped clean. The gaming community still has a depressing amount of toxicity spread around - seriously, it really isn't some sort of vocal minority, if you're thinking of just the folks who scream over mic in Call of Duty then that's not even the tip of the iceberg they're so insignificant in the grand scheme of games - but someone they're insisting that they're a gamer is basically a big ol' Confederate flag on top of that.
  7. Arctangent

    Doom in Swift

    I'm really at a loss as to what the motivation for this is. Like, you've made it abundantly clear that this is just something you want to do. Not something for the sake of a resume or portfolio, or even for the sake of learning how to better use the required skill, but just a flat-out passion project. But even though it's just a whim, there's a hard deadline on it? I mean, setting deadlines for yourself is a good way to keep motivated, but that's still for stuff you have the intention of delivering soon. It's certainly not something just for the sake of doing it that you're not even certain if you can accomplish. It really feels like something's not being said here.
  8. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    "tough" is something quantifiable in a lot of ways. Given that Doomguy grits his teeth, dies before episode 2, and yet still continues tearing Hell asunder, I'd say he's the toughest person from Earth through sheer determination alone, even if there were other marines or even civilians that were outright stronger. And heck, even in terms of physical strength, you always have the short, yet stocky folks who can easily overpower anyone taller who hasn't also put as much effort into their strength. For all we know, Doomguy could be 5'1".
  9. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Nowhere has it ever been established that the Doom guy's anything more than buff. Hell, if you go off the view height in the classic Doom games, he's actually several inches shorter than your typical UAC soldier, even the mook-y ones that got turned into zombiemen.
  10. Arctangent

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    I mean in all fairness, this was and still is mostly true. Hell, it's probably only grown more true due to the repercussions of Gamergate. If you only frequent a handful of gaming communities, you'll only see vileness of the community leak in on occasion, but explore a lot of them and you'll find it absolutely rampant. It really isn't a sweeping generalization so much as just the truth of the matter. The gaming community is a hellhole with pockets of pleasantness that aren't even breach-free.
  11. Arctangent

    DECORATE spritenames longer than 8 possible?

    No, those are states. The See state is the state directly after the See: state label. An actor can only have one See state, and no more. It is possible, however, for an actor to have several states in the See state sequence. Those are the states accessible through the goto instruction, via See+1, See+2, etc., but this is a property unique to goto - A_Jump's brethren can only jump to properly labeled states, and you cannot ResolveState( "See+1" ) in ZScript. Frames do exist in the context of states, but they're entirely in the realm of the state's appearance. Effectively, the "SPRT F 1" line defines a state by its sprite, frame, and duration, and a "SPRT FR 1" defines two states by that share a sprite and duration ( and action function and state flags if you include them ) but not a frame. They're still two states, not one with two frames.
  12. Arctangent

    DECORATE spritenames longer than 8 possible?

    That is 26 ( ... etc ) states, so you're kinda undermining your point of not needing individual states.
  13. Arctangent

    Is The Sound Necessary?

    Probably wouldn't feel it again even if you lost your memory of playing it, since at this point the context of it being mind-blowing is pretty lost. Would be a neat thing for experiencing a part of gaming history, but it'd be bogged down by a lot of stuff like playing Super Mario Bros for the first time after experiencing so much that came after and realizing, hey, wow, jumping physics have come a looooooong way.
  14. Arctangent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I have to wonder how feasible it'd be to add "autoboundaries" to those heavily detailed textures that'll allow those shapes and texture combinations to, well, actually look integrated and not like some wallpaper with pretty severe cut-off.
  15. Arctangent

    Programs for pictures.

    It's also neither a .wad, related to .wads in any shape or form, nor would Microsoft do anything to .wad files unless some party involved really went off the deep end.
  16. Arctangent

    Programs for pictures.

  17. Arctangent

    QCDE Is Awesome!

    I think you're just severely underestimating just how often people see something and immediately go "oh this is cool, let's make it in Doom instead!" It's honestly kinda bizarre. I get being inspired to use a mechanic or aesthetic or something from another game as an idea for a Doom mod, but the ZDoom forum's project ideas thread is littered with idea that are just "x but in Doom." It even happened to Ion Maiden, something that's already using a 90s FPS engine.
  18. Arctangent

    Why is it so cumbersome to run non-Doom mods?

    It's actually pretty damn rare for a game to become open source if it didn't start out that way. This is especially true of multiplayer games - letting anyone have access to the source can make exploits easier to find. It is a bit more common for companies to licence the source code, in fact that's how all of id's engines started out as. But overall, the open source thing is much more of a thing in circles that aren't even quite considered indie game, as ... well, open source stuff tends to be fully free, as there's not really a point to not include the whole product when you're giving the exact instructions for making a free clone to everyone on GitHub.
  19. Spectres in a black room vs. spectres in a colorful room. Sure, there aren't many other examples super relevant to Doom ( maybe a large open outdoor area with Doom 2's episode 3 sky and a lot of cacos far away? ) but that very much stems from the design put into the sprites and textures. With less extreme shading on either, monsters and items could easily blend in with similarly colored walls, and this even shows a bit in very dark where the amount of colors is severely cut down and the shading on everything becomes a lot more mellow. Hell, this is a large reason as to why PvP maps avoid dark areas like the plague; it's a regular feature to include color customization for players, and black can make a player far harder to see in darkness due to ... well, a significant amount of their sprite ends up being black on very, very dark colors, not helped that even some of the non-customizable colors is the dark gray of the marine's rifle.
  20. Arctangent

    What Is This Called and How Do I Get Rid of It?

    ... y'quite sure about that?
  21. Arctangent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    this was originally some really rambly post about how lamenting over undefined behavior with unsavory consequences being the best way to accomplish something in an engine that was barely meant to be modded ( reminder: we've got basically, or exactly, zero official tools that weren't incredibly dated upon release as the release was more meant for historical purposes than anything else, so the entirety of doom modding was based on reverse engineering until the release of the source code in 1997 ), but then a more interesting thought took over: if id suddenly decided to drop a v2.0 for vanilla doom and suddenly a bunch of this undefined or outright bugged behavior that's been used by the community for years was removed in it, how exactly would the community react? I mean, it's not like id ever cared about interversional demo compatibility, nor is it like there isn't a precedent of them making gamechanging changes that make it so that older wads can't be played in the latest version, so it's not like there're any reasons to believe they wouldn't do something like that especially if it's done by people aware of projects like choco and prboom, meaning that there'd be no real legacy reasons for reservations against going hog-wild on the project
  22. Arctangent

    GZDoom Multi-Color settings like Doom 64?

    ( it's just the most up-to-date GZDoom Builder )
  23. Arctangent

    Post your Doom textures!

    It's meant to go with the regular variations posted literally three post earlier. It does, however, fit the idea of actually fitting the texture to architecture rather than just treating it as wallpaper.