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  1. y'might want to reread my posts because it's pretty clear that this is a response to some pixie that's your imaginary nemesis, not me
  2. again, unless you consider that the way we play doom isn't "the way it was meant to be played" because it doesn't involve the unmaker or flat, more realistic levels Well, sure, but that still points to the same end result due to stuff like Refueling Base not making it into Doom 1 and Lost Souls becoming an entirely different enemy with some pretty big aesthetic design changes. Visions change and mutate, and ideas fail and get tweaked; even if the final result isn't stellar, it's pretty asinine to declare it "not the way it's meant to be played" just because it's not identical to the original draft or an earlier build. I mean granted, "not the way it's meant to be played" is a pretty asinine phrase to begin with, but stuff like this just makes it moreso.
  3. p. sure the one we got is as close as "the way DNF was meant to be played" as we'll get, unless you consider that the way we play doom isn't "the way it was meant to be played" because it doesn't involve the unmaker or flat, more realistic levels
  4. Arctangent

    Is happiness real when shared or not?

    Happiness as an emotion sure as hell isn't fake, but the concept of "being happy with one's life" is a lot more questionable. Especially since it doesn't really seem to match up with a literal meaning of the phrase, and only really seems to be phrased that way to make it sound more appealing to get caught up in the "catching up with the Joneses" mindset when it's really a lot closer to make it seem like wealth-based pride is a lot more fulfilling than it actually is. Y'know, as an advertisement. 'Course, it's still not all that clear-cut, but I have to wonder how much that has to do with the concept getting assimilated into the common lingo and being used more in less manipulative contexts, rather than the whole idea not stemming from people telling others that their lives suck, but hey, they have just the thing to make it not suck.
  5. Arctangent

    Forum Update?

    Clearly the solution to this is to make it so that the icon used for the like button automatically changes either with each refresh or at random, arbitrary interval so nobody has any idea what it'll look like at any given moment. Either that, or make it some monstrous 500x600 megazord thing made out of various Doom items that looks straight out of do-tims.
  6. Arctangent

    Perfectionism is not a positive quality

    i'll take "have you tried just being happy?" for $400
  7. Arctangent

    DeHacked, Keendie, ZDoom, and You

    Might just be a plain ol' bug caused by ZDoom's version of A_KeenDie and how it handles DeHackEd actors ( perhaps specifically those that replace weapons or items in general ), especially one that might of popped up from A_KeenDie being moved over to ZScript. Should try and report it over on the ZDoom forums. For reference, as a guess it might be because the scriptified A_KeenDie iterates through all thinkers that either share the same class with the caller or inherits from the caller's class, then doesn't open the door if any of them are alive. There might be something with how ZDoom handled DeHackEd actors, or weapons, or DeHackEd altered weapons that's causing it to find another chaingun-equivalent that's alive, even though it isn't on the map. Maybe it's something weird, like it's detecting a chaingun you're lugging around. EDIT: Also, for quick reference, SpecialAction is completely useless in this situation, as it defines what A_BossDeath does, something that's variable in every level that reaction to it; since A_KeenDie has constant behavior that works in every map, it doesn't need something like that.
  8. Arctangent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    However, the SSG does have one outright advantage ( aside from ammo, but that's a map thing ) in that the rocket launcher only does two instances of damage - the collision damage and the radius damage. Meanwhile, the SSG's 20 hitscans all damage individually. This is a pretty big deal due to the fact that it doesn't matter how much damage you do, a monster recoiling in pain is rolled the same way each time a damage instance is dealt to it. So while the rate of fire of the SSG is significantly lower than the rocket launcher's, it actually ends up being better for interrupting monster attacks just through the sheer amount of pain rolls they have to make when you get a meatshot with it.
  9. Arctangent

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    they're full of nazis why wouldn't they take place in hell
  10. Arctangent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    this only reminds me at how much it upsets me that textures that should by all rights have identical parts don't i.e. brown96 vs bronze#
  11. Arctangent

    About DICE's Battlefield Games...

    I think you're a wee bit out of touch with the current state of DICE, honestly.
  12. Arctangent

    Is procedural generation possible for Doom maps?

    Unless I'm missing an important detail with how map data is stored in the executable, it honestly shouldn't be too much different from basically shoving Oblige into a source port. You'd have to figure out the best time to generate maps and how many maps to generate in advance, where the store the maps for the purpose of saves, and various other quirks, but I think the fact that it hasn't been done already is that it does require some pretty detailed knowledge of both the external and internal map format ( should there be any notable distinctions, anyway ) and there's just not really anyone interested in such a concept that has the experience with the engine to really pull it off, nor enough drive to learn the engine before digging their toes into anything concrete.
  13. Arctangent

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    Yes, it does. Abandonware is internet slang, nothing beyond that - and it refers to software you can download for free, not legally but with no real chance that the site will get hit with a copyright notice.
  14. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    Okay, I'll completely admit that that's a really hideous typo - that "about" should really be "except." whoops
  15. Arctangent

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    This is completely wrong; a developer that is no long distributing a product can still legally fight against the piracy of their product. Even if that's still the case for the closest thing to "true abandonware," it's really a matter of the chances that they will. But them no longer distributing a product does not mean they won't still keep on the look-out of piracy.
  16. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    Possibly? It's really hard to say. Like, if you really did have a game that completely tossed away the abstraction and only presented you with all the variables under the hood, then yeah you'd almost certainly have to come up with your own abstraction to be able to figure out what's even going on in parseable terms. But even with such an extreme case, is what you're coming up with actually far from what the creator tried to make people come up with? Let me put it this way: You're playing Super Mario Bros, and your only feedback coming from the game is the gamesim's numbers. Not even labeled numbers, just the numbers themselves. You can see Mario's power up state, his position on screen, his score and life count, whatever way the game uses to store its levels, the positions of other moving entities and their state, etc.. Once you've figure out what numbers react to what and can play it ... well, wouldn't your interpretation of what's happening still end up involving your player character moving from right the left, jumping over and on things, and growing when it touches certain things and getting hurt and shrinking with it touches others? That's really just how tightly woven stuff like this is in the very basics of games themselves. You basically have to make a game that intentionally has a narrative dissonant from its mechanics, art style, soundtrack, etc., but even then, it might be possible that the lack of a traditional narrative throughline to it all manages to just become an unconventional one instead.
  17. Arctangent

    Is Doom Abandonware?

    Abandonware is most correctly defined as "games that are illegal to distribute for free, but the people who hold the rights to it don't care enough to crack down on it." It's not actually a legal distinction. Which is to say, a game that is still being sold by its original distributor and likely will be for years to come is as far, far, far as you can get from abandonware. Age has absolutely nothing to do with it.
  18. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    I'm not really sure how you quoted the one post establishing exactly how my issue was everything except you stating your opinion relating to the topic, then proceeded to act like it was a matter of stating your opinion relating to the topic.
  19. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    Well, you're completely forgetting the fact that the game sets up the plot for you. If the mechanics and the assets that makes those mechanics less abstract didn't provide you with the pen nor the paper, you wouldn't exactly be able to write, no?
  20. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    ah yes, assholery based around mocking a tic someone has, what a great way to start This is really just forcing your own perspective on anyone else, you realize? I mean, I get where you're coming from, but I don't come from there. You may think it's safe to assume such huge distinction and not read between the lines, and maybe for you, there's really never been an issue that would require changing that. But for me, I really have no way of telling whether someone's just being lazy with their typing or if it means exactly what it looks like it means, or what it means when you put it in the context of everything around it. There's just so much meaning that a sentence structure can hold and people do make use of it. This really seems more like a call for the reddit-style of branching off of individual replies instead of just having one big ol' chronological view, since making a new thread completely breaks the flow and removes the context of a conversation. Maybe the concept of "linked threads" would work better with the current system in place, where like you drag one reply out of a thread to act as a sort of pre-OP post to a new thread and there's like, various things connecting the two otherwise separate threads, but I dunno.
  21. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    I mean, yes? The thread has a title? I'm not sure what part you're stuck on, either the fact that replies can deviate from being exactly what the title says or that posts can have multiple aspects to them. When stuff like is said, it has little to directly do with the title of "How much do you care about Doom's plot?," but the post still has a link to that with: but, of course, it's still a different aspect to the post than that. The latter is putting down an opinion relating to the topic. The former is an incorrect fact that doesn't get automatically covered by "it's just an opinion" ( although it'd still be a bad and incorrect opinion anyway ) intrinsic to the thread title. I feel like this is something that'd come naturally to someone who's been on forums for at least 11 years. It's a really common thing, after all; pretty sure like a majority of both my and your replies that are more than a sentence or two long have stuff like this.
  22. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    Gov, I know you insist on the idea of people being mind-readers that instantly know every thing other people are saying even when they're floundering around with their words, but you really need to realize that that's completely unrealistic and you only add fuel to the fire by insinuating anyone who doesn't know the other person better than they know themselves are assholes. And it's not even good fuel. It's like, hypercoal with a thousand times the pollution rate of regular coal.
  23. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    If that's what I've been doing, then she could do a lot better at not presenting her opinions as absolute fact.
  24. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    I mean, it's the same thing as people saying that they don't care about what a game looks like, while at the same time clearly never tried playing a game where everything visual was composed entirely of the colors #FF0000, #FE0000, and #FC0000. Or, to keep the water comparison, "I don't care about water despite being what I drink every single day."
  25. Arctangent

    How much do you care about Doom's plot?

    I feel like you're being too old-minded and refusing to think about story beyond how books and words tell it. Thing is, all this stuff is important to storytelling even for movies and all visual media, really, not to mention it's even more important in games because game stories are at their strongest when it's the players creating the specifics of the story. They're the ones controlling the protagonists' agency, after all - everything will slam to a stop should the player put down their controller. You don't need to shove the audience's face into everything to make sure they get it. Visual and sound design is so important for selling what's going on in a game, and you're doing nothing but spitting in developers' faces by saying what they do to create a cohesive experience doesn't matter. Audiosurf is pretty clearly a ride through some psychedelic tunnel, perhaps one somehow composed of sound waves given that the levels are generated from music. You can tell this by the fact that the player character looks just like an F-Zero racing machine, as well as the fact that the part your character moves around on is designed like a multi-lane, one-way road. Given how game-y the game is, with no real antagonistic force, it's likely some sort of vehicular sport - heck, since the sequel introduces less abstract track designs, it may just be some future sport based around reaction time and wit. Even if it's not particularly true to our world, what's going on in Audiosurf is realized well enough to make it feel like something like F-Zero - something done for entertainment that couldn't be done in our current world, but very much feels like it could be with advancements in technology. Also, Tetris and its sequels do actually have traditional plots - NES and GameBoy involve launching a rocket, the Grand Master involves the development of a fetus, the Grand Master 2 involves factory work, and the Grand Master 3 involves travelling through the solar system. I actually pointed out how absurd and out of nowhere the original games' endings were, but looking at the rest I realized something: in all except TGM3, the storyline involves putting various pieces together to form a completely whole - exactly how you clear tetriminos. You have to construct a rocket before it can launch, after all, and TGM1 and 2 both directly involve something being created. It turns the game itself into a metaphor. Makes me wonder why they went with a trip through space for TGM3, honestly. I mean, it works as a continuation of the first game, but it also doesn't really have anything to do with the gameplay, outside of maybe implying that the space shuttle is being repaired while it travels. Meaning that if you fail, you end up killing all the astronauts. But unless I'm missing something, there's really nothing suggesting that at all - it really does just seem like they looked at the last few games, saw that the backdrops were a sequence of related objects, and went "hey, let's use our solar system!" I don't really think you understand how you can't just say you did something, especially when it comes to stuff that's purely interpreted by other people. I mean, if that's how it worked, I could just say that I proved that cheese falls from the sky everyday at 7:00 AM on the dot, and nobody would be able to deny it since, y'know, I proved that it happens. But anyone here can plainly tell you that that's not how it works.