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  1. Arctangent

    Let's Be Revealing

    While I don't like sports in general, I do dislike how stuff like the Olympics is presented as a contest of skill rather than genetics and such. Like, yeah, you need to be incredibly skilled to get in, but it's not like you aren't competing against people who are also incredibly skilled. It ultimately comes down to who was born with the body most optimized for the sport - both in terms of baseline build and stuff like muscle and fat construction and how well it responds to training regiments. I mean, sure, there's the element of choking and accidents and all, but that only adds to the fact that Olympic winners are ultimately just the luckiest contestants.
  2. Arctangent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    In general, cutscenes are best used when the action's already stopped, like right at the start or end of the map. Hell, doing it at the start of the map gives an easy reason to do the cutscene, as it can give the player a peak at what they'll be dealing with it the immediate future and perhaps call attention to details they might've already glanced over. Outside of those scenarios, though, I'd recommend any cutscenes occur in real ( not paused ) time from the player's perspective, ala the cutscenes in the Half-Life series; not only does this mean that should a player trigger the cutscene while they're actually in a fight, they won't get whiplash from suddenly being interrupted with something completely irrelevant, but it also just feels a lot better to be able to control the angle you're viewing the cutscene stuff from. Also don't like, have like a four-episode mapset that is completely freeflowing gameplay for the first three episodes and the first five maps of the fourth episode only for a cutscene to suddenly jump out of nowhere on the sixth map. That's really good way to shoot any consistency you had in the face, not to mention it really adds to the feel that the mapset was made strictly for experimenting with the engine and you only added the cutscenes because you figured out how at the time.
  3. I'd be lying if I didn't say that this looked an awful lot like just a texture on a flat wall.
  4. Arctangent

    Why won't damaging floors affect monsters?

    If that was the case, though, they'd occasionally take damage from the 20% floors.
  5. Arctangent

    Doom Neural Upscale 2X [v 1.0]

    The same would go for LMP files, really, outside of using some editors that make arbitrary assumptions when converting images.
  6. Arctangent

    GZDoom preventing PUBG from starting up?

    If someone does do this, I would recommend some other way for determining starting locations other than the plane jump. Since, y'know, that requires a completely open play area with no "void space" created by one-sided linedefs. Which doesn't exactly agree with the fact that the Doom engine in general doesn't get along with absurdly wide-open areas. There's also the sitting-out issue, in that dying in PUBG or the like means you're out of the game but can just jump into a new one immediately without much waiting thanks to a matchmaking system. With Zandronum's server browser-based system, though, you're out of luck unless another server is about to start a new game and you have time to connect to it before it does.
  7. Arctangent

    Ways to imitate A_SkullAttack???

    You can find the ZScript source of basically every action function related to a predefined actor in *zdoom.pk3, right in the /zscript directory. You can also refer to the same folder at GZDoom's GitHub, which is guaranteed to always be up-to-date. That said, the damage type dealt by the default +SKULLFLY collision ( as that's what's responsible for letting the lost soul act like a missile and deal damage upon collision ) is hardcoded to the "Melee" damage type, but you can bypass this by setting the actor's Damage property to 0, then overriding the Slam() virtual function for that actor and shoving your own DamageMobj() into it with the proper damage type set. Just don't forget to call Super.Slam() afterwards, though, or else your actor will probably get stuck in the charging state.
  8. I think it should be possible to write something up in ZScript to let you do this in ZDoom-based ports, including triggering the specials of actors as well, though it is something that could easily result in unwanted teleportation and level ending due to the fact that you can't exactly check if a line / actor's special will execute a script that'll perform those actions.
  9. Arctangent

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    I feel like you're doing something just as terrible as Forli is, just in a different way.
  10. Frozen Time infamously has a bridge formed out a comically large amount mid textures to do a fake 3D bridge effect, which can cause some source ports to take a significant hit in performance while rendering it. How comical? Well, while it's designed for Boom-compat so this isn't a proper solution with that in mind, but if remove all those linedefs and instead replace the bridge with a GZDoom 3D floor? The frame rate issue disappears ( basically, the area has other issues but they cause a far, far, far lower drop in performance ) entirely. technically replacing the effect with a 3d floor isn't really comical at all when you consider the fact that the performance hit is caused mostly by the absurd amount of overdraw the bridge causes, so swapping out the linedefs for something with proper culling is a completely logical solution but i don't get paid to make jokes that don't become swiss cheese with some minuscule amount of thought
  11. Arctangent

    Let's Be Revealing

    I mean, that's basically saying you're perfectly fine with gianthuge monopolies that are idealistically prevent from literally serving toxic products by the fact that you could just buy from someone else, but realistically all other options got assimilated or couldn't compete at all due to having to have actual prices.
  12. Commander Keen would work wonders as some sort of CGI sci-fi adventure film, yeah. I actually kinda want to see it happen, because I can actually see it working out if not really being all too special without the right studio behind it.
  13. Arctangent

    What weapons do you dislike seeing in mods?

    You don't even need ACS. Hell, if you're using ZScript you have direct access to the players' cmd variable.
  14. Arctangent

    What weapons do you dislike seeing in mods?

    It probably has something to do with the fact that it's a binary fire mode triggered by a binary action - if you're not touching altfire, you do one attack, and if you are, you do the other attack. On the flip side, tap-altfire-to-toggle implementations remove that natural flow, making it so that you press altfire to change fire modes ... then let go, meaning you're no longer doing the binary action yet you're still getting a binary result. When putting it this way, the DOOM '16 style of doing things honestly sounds better than just having altfire shoot the secondary attack - which now seems far better suited for the Painkiller style of doing things where the different attacks don't intervene with each other or using them together flat-out causes a tertiary attack, as you're taking two binary actions and making them either have two separate results or have a special result if both are combined.
  15. Arctangent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Well, I doubt the duplicate entries are because the renderer can't support a full 8-bit palette, especially since 250 is a really weird number for something like that. Didn't know the palette only had 18-bit color space, though - is that due to the format of the PLAYPAL lump, or can PLAYPAL support 24-bit color that's then converted to 18-bit by the engine for the sake of the renderer?
  16. Arctangent

    Ducks quack

    ducks have barbed corkscrew penises that detach after use, making them one of the few birds to indeed have penises subsequently, the females have corkscrew vaginas, and indeed it's believed the corkscrew penis evolved as a way to navigate the corkscrew vaginas which themselves are believed to have evolved to protect the females from the male's violent sexual deviancy, which also includes, among other things, necrophilia
  17. so i just discovered the source of the screaming song meme thing


    ... i am so confused

  18. Arctangent

    People suck

    I mean, I'm trying to be confrontational because that sort of dismissal of something with serious implications really drives me up the wall. It just doesn't really sit well with me when people say or imply others are being melodramatic when they're actually talking things with real-life effects.
  19. Arctangent

    People suck

    Y'know, you and Eris make me think that a not-insignificant amount of people who have posted or been mentioned in this topic read forum topics as a web of replies branching out of the OP. Thing is, that's really not how they work at all. They're a list of chronological responses that are typically only aimed at the OP at the beginning and then start aiming at the previously most recent replies. See, what just happened was a good example: Eris brought up an example of how a "Cats vs Dogs" topic got heated, I pointed out that there was quite a bit of reason for such a topic to get heated, he responded in disbelief, I gave an example of how it could work, and you took this all as an off-topic thing despite flowing naturally from his initial response to the OP. And to add to that, Ajora made a comment also related to this reply string thingy. That is how topics go deeper than "just a question of preference." People bring up a fact or opinion that is plainly wrong or harmful, people reply to that, and people reply to the replies. I've seen some forums do the damndest to try and cut off these reply string thingies as soon as they start, but it always seems to me like they don't really get how forum topics just naturally flow. Topics rarely stay exactly on-topic - the only responses that are truly "off-topic" as most people mean it are those that don't really stem from another response.
  20. Arctangent

    People suck

    Yes, I am very much for real, because it's trivial to imagine someone going "i like dogs because cats are terrible because one scratched me lightly once and the world would be better off without them!!!" and then causing the topic to split into stuff like properly interacting with cats, how dogs are just as bad, how so-and-so just didn't treat the dog right, some random guy bringing up inhumane training methods for dogs and presenting anything else as wrong, everyone but one guy turning on that guy, etc. etc. etc. It really isn't all that hard to follow the train of thought when stuff like that happens, y'know. It really just requires not having the ego to think that everyone else is an idiot.
  21. Arctangent

    People suck

    You say this as if there isn't a lot of harmful misinformation that's spread about cats and dogs and their owners, and that that isn't used to justify terrible things towards them. Especially cats - there's a lot of cruelty that's done towards them just because people expect them to act like dogs and end up thinking they're hateful creatures. Really, does this show that Doomworld will explode at anything, or does it show that you and geo don't quite grasp how deep some rabbitholes go?
  22. Arctangent

    People suck

    I'm pretty sure nobody in that thread was calling him a racist racist, moreso pointing out that he was contributing to something that was racist. English doesn't really have a set of terms for the difference between these concepts, or the levels of racism in general ( aside from casual racism, I guess ).
  23. Arctangent

    People suck

    Yes, I would tell my son that if you're communicating with anyone who isn't a close friend - hell, even with close friends - that it really doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, how you say stuff is absolutely vital. Because people can change for the worse, people can show sides of themselves they've never shown before, people can have opinions that seem incongruent with others they've shown. It does not matter if someone has historically been an all-loving messiah figure that can seemingly do no harm - they can still come out of nowhere with bigotry or general assholery and be completely, 100% serious. But if you really want to put all this emphasis on what you are all about, you really seem to have never been hated or hurt by many people just because of a fundamental part of who you are, and yet you turn this into a problem by treating people who have been as miscreants for acting reasonably suspicious. You just don't seem to understand the concept that anyone - even those you've grown close to - can suddenly spring out with hatred or mockery of your very existence, or even outright try to make your life worse just because of prejudice. Look, you are trusted to be a decent person by default; if you weren't, nobody would bother to interact with you. It's by your own actions and words that you break this trust and get people against you, and you won't get that trust back by complaining about the results of your own actions.
  24. Arctangent

    People suck

    y'know you first have to not hide behind the "you should assume I don't know how to talk!" excuse before you complain about people not talking to others correctly