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  1. Arctangent

    Supporting characters, yea or nay?

    I'm really not sure why this sentiment is so common - sure, video games aren't that great at supplying Hollywood-type plots ( aside from maybe Uncharted? I've heard good things about it basically being Hollywood: The Movie without many drawbacks, but I've never experienced it myself. ) but that's because Hollywood-type plots focus on the protagonists having their own specific agency and characterization. Video games are pretty much terrible at this, because the protagonist of a video game has their agency and characterization assigned to them by the player. It's not impossible to make the protagonist have a strong personality while still getting the player to connect with them fully, but it takes a lot more effort to blend the gameplay and narrative when you're doing that. All that said, though, video games are fantastic for plots that don't require specific personalities from their protagonist or even allows them to create their own agency. They're also really great for tell stories purely through action or background elements, not words; one particular moment from an early game I can think of is near the end of Metroid II, where the Chozo statue that was supposed to be holding the Ice Beam is shattered, and the Ice Beam's orb is hidden in a pile of empty ones nearby; meanwhile, the only living organisms anywhere nearby are unhatched Metroids, and their living queen; through nothing more than some attention to detail does Nintendo show that the queen is fully able to figure out what can threaten her children, but also cares enough about them to try and hide it away so Samus couldn't use it against them. That's the real strength of video games; without saying a single word, heck without even animating a single moment, you can create quite the narrative just through proper level design - both for gameplay and aesthetically - and what you make the player have to do to advance. Of course, many modern games choose to not take advantage of how much story they can tell without taking away the player's control, but even then they can manage to tell good stories - it's not the medium that enforces crappy plots, it's the creators who use that medium improperly.
  2. Arctangent

    Why is deathmatch underrated?

    Competitive gaming in general seems to favor team-based games; for example, I'm sure most of us know that CS:GO, DOTA, LoL, etc. have serious e-sports followings, while the fact that Toribash has a following is probably something most people don't know. There are exceptions, of course, such as Hearthstone and Star Craft II, but even the latter has team-based competition occasionally.
  3. Arctangent

    Could this be the actual toy gun used for the BFG?

    If you mean the same gun as the BFG, then no; it's been proven that the Plasma Rifle is actually from some light machine gun NERF toy that could have its barrel detached; what they did was just reverse the barrel and edited it from there.
  4. Right from the DoomRPG thread: At any rate, try using the DoomRPG launcher, linked in its thread; you probably need to load specific files in a specific order to prevent conflicts ( such as ZDoom trying to make an actor inherit from another that isn't loaded yet ) and that should do it for you.
  5. Arctangent

    Quake the way ID did?

    Daikatana is basically John Romero's Quake: The Way Too Extended Edition, yes. He basically took the core ideas from the original draft of Quake ( right down to the game title being the plot weapon; iirc, the name Quake comes from a hammer that was a core part of the original draft ) and then well executed them extremely poorly. Though I doubt the partners were originally going to be in Quake, and I'm sure it would just have one enemy and weapon set, so the theoretical Quake the Way Romero Did would still have quite a bit of room to not be Daikatana. Especially considering I'm pretty sure it was intended to be a fantasy FPS like Heretic and Hexen.
  6. I feel like you've never watched rocket jumping in any game before; even outside of games where the player's ability ascend is completely tied to the level allowing them to, there's still plenty of rocket jumps that feature minimal vertical movement and instead focus on how far an explosion can send the player forward. Heck, that's a primary purpose of advanced rocket jumps in TF2; not blasting yourself up, but covering the most amount of horizontal space in the least amount of time ( and rockets ) possible.
  7. Arctangent

    Best Engine for all DOOM WADs

    None of them. Because each source port has different intentions ( i.e. ZDoom intends to be able to play any idTech 1 game and make them as moddable as possible, PrBoom basically intends to be Doom+ with a whole lot at attention to keeping demo compatibility ), the only maps you can assume will work with all of them are pure vanilla maps, and even then some of the more moddable ports change the fundamentals of the engine in such a way that various vanilla tricks no longer work. Your best bet is to keep a copy of PrBoom and ZDoom on you, then read the text files the maps come with to tell what source port you need. You don't need Chocolate Doom if you have PrBoom unless you're looking for something that is nearly 100% vanilla Doom; PrBoom is really close itself and supports Boom-format maps. ZDoom can probably play all the wads on the list, but there might be some issues that change how they play, and if there're say, EDGE or Eternity mods on the list then they'll likely have issues. Though to be honest I've never personally seen an EDGE map and Eternity-only maps seem more modern than 2003, so it doesn't seem like a big deal for what you want to do.
  8. Arctangent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I kind of feel like PIPEx works as its own border texture given the proper room, especially for low-detail maps, but I'm not certain. What do you guys say? I'd be really easy for me to plop down some standard SUPPORT borders if not.
  9. This one seems pretty explainable as a courtesy to the player; in the rare circumstances where a barrel explodes as a player opens a door to an area they haven't been in ( presumably due to the area being connected to a place the player has already visited, and there's some infighting going on ) performing normal calculations could mean that the player would die seemingly at random and for no reason; on the other hand, preventing the barrel from dealing damage until it's actually visible to the player makes the window of opportunity for that to happen far smaller. It's basically a way, even if not elegant, to minimize cheap deaths.
  10. I wasn't aware the police were allowed to brutally execute criminals before a trial, especially when dealing with a charge lesser than homicide. Honestly, I really doubt anymore than a small minority of the protesters are behind these riots. I've seen pictures and videos of the protesters keeping people in line, and the usual story behind riots like these are a bunch of people of varying race taking advantage of the chaos to get away with shit, because they know full well that the media will put all the blame on the protesters. It actually isn't too much to expect the protesters to know violence will only hurt their cause - yet no one seems to think the people who don't care about the cause are the ones actually making trouble.
  11. I actually really like this version of The Catacombs ( or at least the map that occupies its slot ) and the concept behind Dead Simple. Think I'll remake this version of Dead Simple, see how that turns out.
  12. Arctangent

    A Doom MMO....Yes? No?

    I feel like instead of an entirely nearly-independent mod, the current engines would better suit an MMOFPS framework that could then be applied to co-op, deathmatch, and / or invasion, etc. Most other MMOFPSs don't actually have a persistent world, just persistent characters and that's something Zandronum's account system can do, do very well in fact. So there's not any reason you couldn't design a mod that itself had no maps, but was instead made to work with other maps and add a system of progression to them. I've thought about it myself, but then I couldn't come up for a reason to not instead make a very similar mod where everything is unlocked from the start. That's the real issue: the fact that you have to progress to the actual game has always been a turn-off of MMOs for many people, and it's probably not a too huge assumption that most FPS players are the type to not care for the grind-y parts of MMOs. Character customization is cool and all, but the build vs build nature of games with a lot of it means that locking certain builds from players is absolutely a disadvantage unless you do something like TF2, where the default loadouts are pretty solid and there's very few straight-up upgrades.
  13. Let's not forget the ability to store runesspheres for later use instead of automatically activating them.
  14. Arctangent

    So why aren't you mapping?

    Sound propagation mode ( visualizes sound pathing, so you can check for leaks in your block sound barriers ), visplane explorer ( lets you check visplanes from a particular spot in the form of a heatmap ), nodes viewer ( ... not actually sure what use this is, to be honest, but someone more experienced than I could probably point it out fairly easily ) are some of the big ones. You can also disable game configs so they don't clutter up the drop-down menu, create various shapes ala the shape tools that every paint program has, and better visualization of line effects with arrows pointing out the affected sectors, helping you find any far-away sectors that are accidentally affected or unaffected. This is all just the improves for vanilla mapping it brings, mind, and I'm probably forgetting some.
  15. Arctangent

    So why aren't you mapping?

    For me, it's because all my current projects are stuck, inspriation-wise, and I just plain haven't been able to make any progress with them.
  16. Arctangent

    World's first penis transplant

    Huh. Wonder if they could do the same for transmen. That'd actually be a pretty extreme step forward, especially if they can get it fully functional.
  17. This feature was added very recently, actually. Though it doesn't alter the player's control at all so unless you completely remove the standard controls and script your own, turning to the left will always turn left relative to the floor no matter if you're rolling 0 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, or 52 degrees. The reason for this is that obviously ZDoom can't render roll at all, and it'd be the port to actually put in the gameplay changes with roll at the engine level. So the roll in GZDoom is purely for looks.
  18. Arctangent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    To be fair, the chainguns the chaingun guys use do actually use a different sound from the one you use. ... They use the shotgun sound. :v
  19. Arctangent

    Zandronum A_BLAST Equivalent?

    I believe, at least until A_Blast is ported over to Zandronum, you'll have to make do with giving the actor a variant of the Disc of Propulsion that has +INVENTORY.AUTOACTIVATE and make do with the default values that come with it.
  20. Arctangent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Though they may be directly connected to the playable area, they are not a part of it. They are very much sectors strictly for the purpose of making a certain effect work, and have 0 direct gameplay influence. Thus, dummy sectors would be a proper name for them.
  21. Arctangent

    whats your mapping process.

    What I like to do is come up with a map-defining room, then build on the theme that stems from that. I'm very inefficient, plus I constantly move from one thing to the next, so actually finishing stuff tends to take a while, but I feel like having a spot of interest from the get go really gives me an immediate way of figuring out what exactly I want to do.
  22. Arctangent

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    The quick way to do this is to make the goblin inherit from the imp actor; this is the same method ( in ZDoom, anyway ) the Hell Knights use to count as the same species as Barons.
  23. Arctangent

    Occultic Doom [Playthrough Video]

    Fast is a state parameter added to ZDoom somewhat recently, so it's unlikely to be supported by Zandronum for a long time.
  24. Arctangent

    See through, unshootable window & door

    It wouldn't surprise me if what you're attempting is out of scope for the format. I have my doubts you'll find something you'll be happy with within the limits of Doom in Doom, so you might have to forgo transparent textures and doors or upgrade to UDMF.
  25. Arctangent

    Help with UDMF

    Well, to be honest it doesn't look too thrilling. Having to go through the opponent's spawn can be a risky design choice, especially when trying to grab the flag leaves you right in the vision of freshly respawned enemies. Granted, this also goes the other way, too; respawning leaves you with nothing but a pistol, and you spawn on marked locations, making it incredibly obvious where you'll come from. This'll make spawn camping incredibly easy, as attempting to fight a fully-armed opponent with a pistol does not end well. Also, the room to the side really breaks the the potential flow; if that's where respawned players are meant to gear up, then that means they have to head into a cramped room that they have to turn around and walk out of the accomplish most maps handle upon respawn by sticking basic weapons under the player's spawn points. Not only does this cause the spawn camping issue I mentioned earlier, but forcing a player to go a completely different direction than the flag to get their basic weaponry is basically needless padding, especially if multiple people go in at one and end up blocking each other in. There's not much else that I can say about it, but at this current stage it seems like a map that would be frustrating to play because it doesn't seemed designed for Doom CTF in mind.