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  1. I've been wanting to just muck around with Doom's source code for a while now, but it's been a struggle. Namely, I can't really find a source code that a. doesn't add a bunch of additional features past Boom extensions, b. is still modern enough that some framework doesn't need to manually replaced ( although I'm the least certain about this ), and c. has set up instructions that exist and aren't several magnitudes out of date.


    Am I just missing an obvious choice, or am I just being too picky for the amount of commitment I'm willing to go through to get started?

    1. Linguica


      Chocolate Doom is still struggling with making it relatively straightforward to download and compile, but it's not THAT bad.

    2. Arctangent


      That's the one I've attempted the most, but three different instruction sets later and the closest I've gotten is compiling executables that only respond to being ran when DLLs are missing.


      Not because I didn't move those DLLs into the folder, mind. It's just that when chocolate-doom.exe didn't pop up those error messages, it ... I'm not sure what. A window never pops up. I don't even know if it's instantaneously closing or what, because the only sign that my computer even tries to run it is my cursor going into that "loading" animation for a short time.