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  1. allow everyone to bear true witness to your power by charging the monsters straight on with a chainsaw
  2. You could also tag the lines with coop-only specials with the same tag, then have an OPEN script that nullifies all the specials on lines with that tag with SetLineSpecial if the game mode isn't coop.
  3. Party at geo's furniture-less house!
  4. doomworld could really use a dislike button sometimes
  5. Limit removing is actually more limited than Boom, due to it being vanilla with a couple ( not all ) limits removed. So it's not comparable to UDMF in the slightest.
  6. The point where you're recording the position of everything at every tic is the point where you should just implement a screen recorder into your game.
  7. The funny thing about GZDoom demo compat is that it's exactly like vanilla - which is to say, if you want to watch an old demo, you're going to have to dig up an old version that the demo was recorded for. Granted, considering we've been stuck on a single vanilla version for so long and even have a few tools for playing pre-v1.9 demos without much issue, it's not surprising that people have gotten so used to maximum demo compat that they forget that id had to go and remake the title screen demos with each patch. Though should people ever band together for competitive GZDoom demoing, one thing that could minimize the pain of this is to pick an official release ( likely the most current ) and make it so that only that version can be used. Then once a couple projects of interest pop up that require a later official version, add that version to the list of versions that could be used, and so on and so on. It's nothing exactly elegant, but it cuts out a lot of the version shuffling that would be required, especially if there're significant gaps between each "demo version." Especially since projects that're just mapsets tend to not require the latest version, anyway.
  8. I'm pretty sure it has exactly zero basis, as there's a very big reason why Zandronum is so far away from GZDoom and that's because the netcode it uses requires a lot of changes to GZDoom's code to work properly. It seems a lot more likely that the Zandronum team would drop Zandronum and instead use their experience with networked Doom to whip up a new netcode that's better compatible with GZDoom's code out of the box while still being more user-friendly and reliable than GZDoom's current netcode, and then either integrate that netcode into GZDoom or make a new port, but, well, that's not particularly likely either.
  9. If we're actually going for the realistic angle and not the ideal one, then your Kindergarten teacher was wrong too. You can work hard and contribute a ton to society, but get no leeway when someone who sucks the economy dry gets off with murder scott-free because they have tons of money. I'm pretty sure anyone saying that this is in anyway good is pretty telling about how much money they have.
  10. People don't necessarily see everything to completion, y'know.
  11. is that thing naked
  12. Youth is only tangentially relevant; experience is what really matters, so youth only comes into the picture in that a 14-year-old can only theoretically have 14 years of experience with something if they devote literally every hour of existence to the trade, compared to a 30-year-old's 30 years of experience if they do that same. As far as first wads go, there's two factors: one, different people have different kinds of intelligence, so someone better at putting mental pictures onto slates and with great intrinsic spatial awareness will end up having an easier time doing better at level design that someone who doesn't. Two, first wads don't necessary mean first time ever making a level, so people who come along and make a first wad after they've gotten a hand of how to make Half-Life levels or even something so far away from Doom like Mario levels will end up having experience to call on when starting fresh with Doom. Oh, and a third factor: their actual first wads were probably utter garbage fires, they just scrapped 'em and moved onto another idea. Creative works aren't as simple as having an idea, whipping it up, and then having an amazing thing to show to the world - there's a lot of things that just don't work out all that well or the creator doesn't yet have to skill to pull off the idea. There's a reason why you hear people talk about idea they've wanted to do for a long time but never ended up doing - chances are they actually started 'em, but hit a snag and couldn't finish it.
  13. The project's been aborted. No further progress will be made. The desire to continue is kaput. The author's abrogated it. It's been struck-off the todo list. The mod's on its own, and its motorcycle has no wheels. There's a team of zero behind it.'s list of synonyms for "cancel" is really weird.
  14. what, no mock 2
  15. I mean like, it's not this is remotely the same thing as being banned for, say, expressing far-right views. I'll pretty much always disagree with those, but it's pretty hard to say that that alone is even remotely reason for punishment, unless we're talking about some ridiculous far-far-far-right views that are straight out of a dystopia novel. But with alt-right? That's a hugely different thing - that's giving white supremacists and neo-Nazis the ability to voice their inhumane belief without punishment. Allowing that in itself is a debatably immoral act, since it gives those people the chance to re-affirm and spread their genocidal beliefs without, well, fear of punishment and exclusion. Like, if Skeletor was real and competent enough to actually kill and oppress people, would you let him go around and try to convince others to not oppose evil overlord? Because that's not even much of an exaggeration of what the alt-right is.
  16. I mean, you have both GZDoom and QZDoom on there, and the difference between those two is far, far, far less than the difference between EDGE and 3DGE.
  17. No, it's just that out of all the base games ZDoom supports, only Hexen uses the feature. However, just about every feature is freely usable in every game that ZDoom supports, and if it isn't it's probably a Strife feature.
  18. I'd advise you to stop getting digging your modern FPSes out from dog colons, but considering they probably cost an arm and a leg and a heart over there, it's really the smart move.
  19. damn i guess my first map i posted here should've have a cyber greet you after the first door instead of a mastermind
  20. I mean One, what's the issue with talking shit about people doing terrible stuff in the first place, the whole "bad guys' playbook" thing sound like you've removed yourself form this world to become a Saturday morning cartoon hero. A Saturday morning cartoon that aims to spread propaganda about how its nation can do no wrong, so anyone who speaks up against it is clearly a terrorist and / or not lacking Good Christian Values. Two, while yes you can't exactly talk about a nation without talking about it people due to the former stemming from the latter, you phrase this in such a way that it sounds like by shittalking America I'm shittalking your Aunt May. And I don't know anything about your Aunt May, but I doubt she's done anything at all to significantly define what America's like. Hell, most people haven't. So it's pretty out their to claim that I'm shittalking your Aunt May by shittalking America, unless you follow some bizarro religion that states that we're all as one as Trump's lower intestine or something, which ... is pretty insulting to pretty much everyone on this forum. Well, I mean not liking asses is a clear sign of poor moral fiber, as well as poor dietary fiber.
  21. That still means that you having a diet of non-living stuff is outright incorrect, considering you flat-out don't even consume any of the stuff that isn't alive and yet still carries more than trace amount of nutritional value. Man, your schedule must truly suck if you think pointing out that plants and fungi are just as much living beings as animals would take waaaaaaaaaaay too much time for you to do.
  22. Having a different meaning of "what's alive" is a pretty concerning sign, y'know, especially when it seems pretty arbitrary.
  23. That's literally the exact opposite of a "eat anything that was never alive" diet. You basically have to entirely subside on animal byproducts and entirely synthetic food for something like that, the latter of which I'm not even sure exists yet. EDIT: Oh, right, there's like nectar and syrup, too, although you have to carve into a living thing for syrup so counting that makes any part of an animal that it can survive without count too.
  24. ... So, you subside entirely on milk, eggs, and honey?
  25. I can't say I eat everything, but I do have a pretty wide palate and enjoy a great deal of cuisines. Pho's probably my favorite food, with Vietnamese, Japanese, and both Mexican and Tex-Mex being some of my favorite cuisines. Italian, Cajun, and American barbeque are great too, and I do enjoy a good Indian curry or tandoori every so often. I can't stand raw tomato, though, and coffee and alcohol both taste foul to me. Granted, I like alcoholic beverages as a cooking ingredient, because the flavors they have without the alcohol are oh-so-nice.